ABAS Anniversary Week


God does not count sins for us because He is love. He does not punish us because He loves. God is never angry; He is tolerant, patient and blesses all the time. Even if you murmur against Him, He still cares for you.


Faith goes with work. God does not require your money, beauty or handsomeness; nor does he require your fluent talk, or any other thing you possess.


If you hold fast to this, then your problems are over. At all times you should remember to call upon Him; whether in times of need, problem, sickness, persecution or happiness.

BCS Holy Book

We, presenting all the believers and witnesses of His life and teaching, hereby publish The Holy Orokutu Eyoyo, The Everlasting Words of Life

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Standing Order

Standing Order in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is a guide given by the Holy Father Himself about Brotherhood and its content

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Order of Service

 eOrder of Services is a guide book that show case the systematic order of conducting events in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star

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BCS Handbook

 eA guide Book that explains our doctrines and enlightens more about Brotherhood of the Cross and Star

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