International Women's Fellowship Anniversary Week with the Holy Father


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Brotherhood of the Cross & Star; The New Kingdom of God manifested on earth to Reign Eternally.

The Unshakable Lord of Host in an unshakable Kingdom



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Testimony About Leader O.O.Obu

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

In the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ

Now and forever more

The Father can manifest through any of His creatures at anytime and anywhere to bring to pass His will for His children.

In 1985, my son Otobong cried from 8:00am to 10:pm and we could not know exactly what was wrong with him.   As this persisted, Deaconess Grace Udosen my sister (wife) took the child for a ministry work at Ikot Obio Offong in Ibesikpo,  Asutan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.



here in the bethel, the Father revealed to me through the preacher who was a visioner in charge of the bethel that, “He (God) used the long sobbing of the child to call me up for the revelation.  The Holy Spirit said I should quickly leave and pack out of my village to a strange land He (the Father) would show to me in Uyo.  He (God) had bought this land before I was even born, as He did to Abram of old, so shall it happen to me.”   The Holy Spirit said where He will send me to live; there shall be no problem. He assured me that He would provide the money to do anything there and dwell with us there.

I could not easily believe this message because I did not have any money at all. I was perplexed over the whole issue and tried to doubt the visioner.  But during the morning prayer,  again the visioner called me and reconfirmed the message and complained of my doubt over the

provide, care, protect through any avenue of His. He uses any of His creatures to manifest Himself.  Do not doubt Him. Still wait for the fulfillment of His promises in your life.  When you hold on to Him, He will hold on to you.  When you depart from Him he will depart from you