1. Reading of the First Step To God to the new converts
  2. Reading of suitable Bible text(s) (Sample texts: John 3.5‑6; Romans 6.3‑6; Mark 16.16‑18; Mark 1.5‑11; 1 Peter 1.23)
  3. Confessions of sins (individually in turns in the presence of the officiating priest)
  4. The officiating priest advises converts (these texts may be read: 1 John 1.7‑10, James 5.16; Mark 1.5; etc)
  5. The Officiating Priest prays for new converts
  6. Procession to the baptismal pool with spiritual choruses

          Sample spiritual choruses           (a) “Eyak nnyin ika ke Jordan”

                                                (b) “Se mmong do…”

  1. The officiating priest positions in the pool
  2. Prayer by a member (if available)
  3. Prayer by the Officiating Priest (whilst in the pool)
  4. Baptism (immersion is done three times in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit)
  5. Prayer by any member (if available)
  6. Prayer by the Officiating Priest (whilst in the pool)
  7. March back to the Bethel with spiritual choruses

          Sample choruses    (a)  “Ami mma nyet ubok mi… ”

                                      (b)  “The blood of Jesus…”                                                                                  (c)  “Listen to the news of joy”

  1. Blessing and anointing of baptised brethren by the officiating priest before the altar
  2. Officiating priest advises baptised brethren (sample texts: 2 Corinthians 5.17; Ephesians 4.22‑24; John 8.10‑11; etc)
  3. Registration and issuance of (a) Baptismal Certificate (b) Membership Card

     (c) General Fellowship Card (d) Men/Women Fellowship Card

  1. Love Feast
  2. Closing