Brethren, this is that bony part of the gospel. Very many of you find satisfaction in materialism and so do not listen to the gospel.
When the Apostles asked why they could not cast away the demon, the Lord replied that it was because of their unbelief.  That if they had faith even as small as a grain of mustard seed they were capable of removing mountains from one place to another.  This is done through prayers and fasting which all human beings hate. Why did He make this statement? It was because men are like eggs.
They change wives like shirts. So our Lord told them that any person who divorced his wife and marries another committed adultery and the man who marries the divorced wife is also an adulterer.
The Apostles were weakened on hearing this and said it was better not to marry because they had wives. Christ seeing their minds told them that not every person can do it. It was for those whom the Father had given the ability.
Christ told the Apostles that when the Comforter shall come he would teach them everything that Jesus Christ had taught them in parables.
If He had not come, you could not have been able to read and understand this bible even if you studied it for twenty years or more. The bible was written in the spiritual language and interpreted also in the spiritual language.
Many churches in translating the bible cut off the portions on fasting and prayers to suit their whims. This therefore means that they are not allowed to see this glory.
What do you mean by mortifying the flesh? The hidden thing in this New Kingdom is fasting and prayers.   As soon as you pray and fast, the flesh dies and you are in Spirit.
If you do not believe in the Holy Spirit, why do you then fast because Christ did say, flesh and blood can not claim this Kingdom.
If you have not the Holy Spirit, you cannot fast from  6:am – 6pm.  The day you fast from 6am-I2 noon, you are seen fainting and various dishes must be laid out.
It was needless for the Apostles to fast because they had not yet the Holy Spirit. The Lord did advise the Apostles that it was essential He went to the Father, that if He were not gone, the Holy Spirit would not come to them.
To trap Him, the Pharisees and Scribes questioned Him saying why His disciples did not fast while John’s fasted.  Our Lord cleverly answered that the disciples did not need to fast while the bridegroom was still with them.  They would be required to fast when He was taken away from them.
If He did not cleverly answer them, they would have used this to attack Him.  Because He was the Son of Man and  knew the spirit in man and as the Son of God, He knew  the Spirit in God and so He answered them in that way. You should pity any person who jokes with the words of God. This is the fulfillment of the words of Christ.

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