(i) “The Holy Spirit is now on earth, let my people sing and shout Amen, Hallelujah;  (ii)The Holy Spirit is life, it is the root of life of the children of God”
(iii)”Seek ye first, the kingdom of the Lord, all other things shall be added unto you.”
Our Lord Jesus Christ had already spoken when He said it is expedient I go away, because if I go not away the Comforter will not come, but if I go away the comforter will come unto you. You will then realise that Our Lord Jesus Christ bore testimony about this kingdom.
He told them, I will go unto the Father, because the Father is greater than I, that if you were to know you will rejoice because the Father is greater than I.
Since the comforter has come there is no need to engage in much talking. We have only to bear testimony of him, and sing and rejoice, because the long expected kingdom of God has arrived.
The Comforter has arrived. The counselor has arrived.   That is why we have to honour him. Your duty and my duty is to sing and dance and rejoice; because we are saved. You are saved;  and all the inhabitants of the world are saved.
We just want to scratch the periphery and show to you what you are expected to have been doing this week that has just past i.e. the Pastor’s week, is a wonderful week indeed, because the things the Father has revealed had never before been revealed.
Now you have heard as it is read to you that you should knock, seek and ask, but you require that God should give you a child or wife, or husband, or motor car. And I ask, is that what He has told you to ask for? Those are carnal things. Money is mundane thing, children are mundane things, wife, or husband is carnal, motor cars, wealth etcetera, are carnal things. Those are not the things you are told to ask for.
Do not pray for a wife because as you go out from here you may meet a damsel and you say woman, may we become husband and wife and immediately marriage is constituted.
If you are a sister you need not pray to be married. Because little movement you make may end you up marrying without wasting time.
So do not request for a child.  Because as soon as you are intimate with a woman she will be pregnant.
If you request for money you may not walk up to a  mile where you will meet somebody requesting you to carry his load to somewhere, as you do this he gives you money.
You can also be lucky meeting somebody who tells you to sweep for him; and on doing that he gives you money. Or somebody may require that you should cut the grass for him. And for doing that you are paid. Any leaf you touch brings money at the end of it.
Do not request for such thing because it is not a good gift. It is mundane. It is death and that is not what you are required to ask for.
Have you seen how it is arranged, you are told to seek and ye shall find, you are told to knock and it shall be opened. You are told to ask and it shall be given unto you.
What is it that you are asked to knock, seek and ask for? It is the Holy Spirit.
Remember the disciples of Christ, when they were charged not to speak again in the name of Jesus Christ, that if they preach in Jesus’ name they will be killed or imprisoned.
The disciples congregated at one place and requested from God saying. God give power to your servants, give us power to heal the sick, to cleanse the leper, to raise the dead, restore sight to the blind and do mighty works so that your glory may be revealed.
At that instance the house was shaken. God descended upon them and they spoke the word of God with boldness without fear. Did they fear the people again?
They were imbued with the Holy Spirit entered into the synagogues, the offices, towns, squares, lanes, paths and all places and preached the word of God with boldness.
The gift of the Holy Spirit is the greatest gift. They were filled with the Holy Spirit, and they preached the word of God with boldness. It did not end there.
Also, amongst they that believed with one heart, and one spirit and one soul, did not count that which they own as theirs, they had all things in common. And so brethren realise that if somebody owns money in tonnes and even all the money in the world and has not the Holy Spirit, it does not profit him.
Because if you have not the Holy Spirit in you, it will be impossible for you to realise a kobo out of your money to buy even garri.  You will rather prefer getting a naira from somebody to buy a cup of garri instead of your money.
And when you say God give me money so that I may use it in serving you. And I question, those God has bestowed with billions of naira what have they been able to do with it for man’s benefit?
Money is carnal. Sometimes you do not even touch the money. You do not eat at all, you are starved and you can remain there till you are dead. You will lie on one side dead and money on the other side dead also. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so is the wisdom of God more important than that of man.
Tree, and man, and fish, and money, and motor car, all the things you find around you are nothing. No matter how much money you own it has no benefit. No matter the multitude of people present, it has no use. If the fishes abound here, if the animals and trees fill this place it amounts to nothing.  It is only the Holy Spirit which is life. The Holy Spirit is power, the Holy Spirit is the Lord, He gives life. He is joy. He is the wisdom of truth, He is the greatest of all gifts.  I want to do a little arithmetic for you. If you say God gives life and good health. That is another request. God give me wife. God give me children. God give me money with which to take care of the children. Do you know what you are requesting for? What you have asked for, from God, all these things increase your sorrow.
I want to prove to you as one proves a theorem in geometry and algebra. First of all, if God gives you life, you really know the troubles attached to being aged. If you live for so long it will reach a stage where your age mates have all died remaining you alone. You still not be able to see again, and your teeth will fall off, you could no more walk with your legs.
Troubles and problems come unto you at this stage. That is why many aged people have been begging that the Father should cause them to go on transfer (die). 31. The sufferings at old age are inexpressible.  As you live long so you suffer. The sufferings that have come unto the aged has never been witnessed by Satan. All the sins committed by your family will face you.
The ones committed by those in your district will face you. All the sins committed by your village members will face you. All the sins committed by your age mates will come back to you. And the sins of your friends, that of your forefathers will descend on you.
Who else do you think will take this responsibility apart from you who is old? In this case can you sleep? Are you not requesting that God should give you life? That is life so  receive it.
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