It is a whole truth that all the weapons of war present here in the kingdom are not that of the flesh (carnal). The songs that you render here are some of the spiritual weapons and the prayers are also wonderful weapons of war. The testimonies people give are still wonderful weapons of this spiritual war. It is made known that, the gospel of God is the spiritual cutlass used in shaping all things, and this is one of such gospels.
A lot of people do not really know why they are enjoined to flee fornication, falsehood, idolatry and other vices, and the need for them to embrace love, peace, mercy and other virtues. And a good number of people do not know the reason why they are plagued with series of problems. John I6:24 has it that:
“Hitherto have ye asked no thing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.”
In spite of these assurances however, calling on Jesus all day long, avails you nothing and offering prayers in His name avails you nothing. In as much as you are yet to fulfil the conditions of today’s scripture, your efforts are wasted. It is clearly mentioned in the first lesson that, “The Gentiles will have hope in His name.” Who do you think are the Gentiles? The Gentiles are the entire people of the world. Whoever hopes in God is bound to live a problem-free life. Hope is abstract, so also is faith. But, anyone who hopes and has faith in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ is bound to be answered at any time he or she calls on Him. There is nothing one cannot achieve, if he or she hopes in the name of God. In fact, there is nothing impossible to anyone who hopes in God’s name. Even though you are in abyss, grave, water or any place, He would still answer your calls, so long as you have hope in His name. Hoping in God does not entail seeing Him physically. This prompted our Lord Jesus Christ to say:
“Thomas because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” (John: 20:29).
The only thing that saves mankind is for him to hope in God’s name, as the scripture enjoins. Seeking for Jesus to place His hands on your head does not mean anything; rather it is your hope in Him that matters. We are made to understand that, the Gentiles will hope in His name.
This then means that His name is weapon, beauty, salvation, power, strength and wisdom. It also means that, as long as we have hope in His name, we are saved. In fact, it was the hope, which His disciples had in the name of Jesus the Christ that made them to succeed in all their endeavours. But the question now is, how many people in the entire world hope in this name?
If one hopes in His name, he will not transport himself from Lagos or London to Calabar, for the purpose of seeing the Father physically. This is because whoever hopes in His name, is saved, irrespective of his place of abode. Whoever hopes in Him will always have his prayers answered.
The songs you render, the fasting you undertake, the prayers you offer among others, do not cast away any of your problems. The only thing that renders effectual remedies to our problems is hope. Thus, when the word, “Let” is used, it becomes effective when it is accompanied with hope. The idea of singing spiritual songs before healing is childish, and in fact ridiculous. The scripture has never indicated that the disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ ever sang before carrying out any miracle. They knew very well that whoever hopes in God’s name can never be disappointed. And since they really believed and hoped in God, they had no cause to fear. And so whenever they called on the great name of Jesus the Christ, they were always glad at the result.

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