The peace we talk about at all times is not found in anywhere other than our body.  And this peace could only come our way should we walk according to the dictate of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the only one who gives you peace, life, wisdom, good health etcetera.
Therefore beloved, it is the pieces of advice which our friend and relations do give us that do ruin us. The act of emulating people instead of God forms the more reason why we do confront much problems and difficulties.
God has given us a Teacher, Comforter and an Adviser who knows what is good and bad for us.
But the problem is that we have bluntly rejected such a one, and have embraced the pieces of advice that come from the flesh.  I am sure this gospel will constitute an eye opener to you and the entire world at large, No one has any effrontery   to teach anyone, rather, we all should allow ourselves to be taught by the Holy Spirit and make sure all His teachings are imbibed and practised.  You are conscious of the fact that in whatever thing we wish to do, we first of all ask the Holy Spirit of God to come and lead us aright for. He was predestined to lead. No matter who you are, place of origin, place of abode, the position you are placed etcetera, you have just one Leader  the Holy Spirit.  Never shall man lead, for the perdition that confronted the people of old was as a result of this very issue.
The second lesson has enjoined that should we walk according to the dictate of the flesh, we will perish. But should we walk according to the dictate of the Holy Spirit, we shall have life.
The problems confronting the entire world today could be traced to our refusal to abide by the injunctions given us by the Holy Spirit and embracing the advice of man, your family and friends.
Our main responsibility here in the kingdom is to go into every nook and cranny of the world and alert all and sundry to the fact that it is more blessed to walk according to the dictate of the Holy Spirit at the expense of the dictate of the flesh.
So anyone who is yet to do this particular assignment but still professes to be a strong Brotherhood member is not a real Brotherhood member.
When Our Lord Jesus Christ spoke of this very thing (to be led by the Holy Spirit), the Holy Spirit did not come. Hence, He (Christ) was bearing eloquent testimonies about the coming of the Holy Spirit.
Sequel to the sins of Adam and Eve, the world was defiled, hence, the Holy Spirit being undefiled and only dwells in undefiled places, refused to come and dwell on earth.
But since Our Lord Jesus Christ came, shed His blood and made the world holy and pure again, the Holy Spirit has now come to dwell with man on earth.
So note that the statement of Our Lord Jesus Christ, “It is finished” signified that the flesh and its works have ceased, since they have been nailed to the cross.
We are the luckiest of all generations. And we would not have problems if we walked according to the dictates of the Holy Spirit. This explains why He said, “ A ll t h a t e v e r c a m e b e f o r e m e a r e t hie v e s . a n d robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.”  John I0.8. The above extract has proven the fact that the people of old were led by the dictate of the flesh. Hence, violence, deceit, fornication, preparation of juju, dispute, idolatry, conflicts, death, hatred, segregation, anger etcetera, abound in the world by then.  This thing happened that way because flesh, being the leader by then, nobody knew the right thing to practise same.
But since Christ came and died for the remission of sins, the right thing has now been known, hence, the work of the flesh has to be done away with. We should abide by the pieces of advice of the Holy Spirit and make sure we do not blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, for it is said,
“Verily, I say unto you.   All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies where with s oever t h e y s h all bl a s p h e m e : B u t h e t h a t s h all bla s p h e m e against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation.” (Mark 3:28 – 29)
Our Lord Jesus Christ bore eloquent witness to the fact that at the fullness of time, the Holy Spirit would come. Hence, He said that it is necessary for
Him to depart the earth so that the Holy Spirit may come to us else. He would not come. But the pathetic aspect of it is that the world does not know this fact.
So, beloved, this is the more reason why He said that heavens and earth shall pass away but no iota of His pronouncements shall pass away without being fulfilled.

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