Beloved, the above texts form the theme of our glad tidings of great joy. For except I have you informed, you will not know about it. But if I declare it to you, the people of the world will become aware of this truth and will be able to know themselves.
You would recall that in the time past, primary school teachers used to be standard three certificate holders, the best qualified teachers then were holders of standard six certificate. Such teachers only taught within their capacity and no more.  However, teachers in primary schools today are better qualified and more specialised.
The teaching and learning methods have all changed.  But all these teachings and methods, old and new, serve no useful purpose to man as regards salvation.
Right from the time Adam and Eve derailed from the path of righteousness, the devil introduced diverse teachings and doctrines directed towards confusing the inhabitants of the world and leading them to destruction.
The people of the world have, at all times, been evil-inclined and work against progress. In every nation, for instance, while the government plans towards the development and well being of the citizenry, others will be very busy sabotaging the economy thus causing problems.
These   they do by faking the country’s money and other forms of legal tenders; looting the treasury, causing civil unrests, and forming oppositions against the government.  Can you see the problems plaguing the entire world?
You can now realise why God handled the job of creation by Himself.  We are meant to be the children of God and to be taught by Him only. No other person, not even the angel, is capable of ‘teaching man and leading him to the accurate wisdom of truth.
This was why God warned Adam and Eve not to listen to any other person. But because of disobedience, Adam and Eve listened to Lucifer as their teacher and were thus misled. Lucifer himself is an elementary spirit.
The people of the world have been students of this evil school, learning about fornication, stealing, murder, hatred, idolatry, covetousness and how to live abominable life.   Man has, since the time of Adam and Eve not enjoyed God’s goodness. God is a perfect Being who has no association with evil. If man were to obey Him, none would be sick, none would die, lack, and man would not face any problem at all. Peace, love, prosperity and the grace ‘of God have eluded man because he has accepted Lucifer as his master.   Christ Himself is aware of this fact. This explains why He said:
“Nevertheless I tell you the truth it is expedient for you that I go away; for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send Him unto you”. (John 16:7).
Sequel to the above excerpt, it should be noted that it is only the Lord who will guide all men unto all truth.
The Lord Himself is aware of what is going on in the world today with man. This is why he quickly advised that a new wine should be put into a new wine skin. Unfortunately, a person that is drunk with the old wine desires not the new. The problem with the world is adaptability.
This is why he said that the Comforter whom the Father would send in his name would teach us all things and bring to our remembrance all that He (the Lord) had said.
The advent of our Lord Jesus Christ had almost been rendered useless and His mission unfulfilled by the evil doer.  Even the multitude that followed Him did so because of bread and fish but understood nothing of His doctrine.
Whatever you see now represents the Armageddon warfare. The disciples of Satan continue to call Brotherhood of the Cross and Star derogatory names and allege that it is a vampire organisation,  beelzebub and so on. They must have been under-rating Brotherhood and considering it to be a child’s play.
The world has now given up, having reached its wits end. From now henceforth, observe what will happen to the world.
All the teachings that are given to you are nothing but the truth, love, peace, prosperity, glory and eternal life which you yearn for endlessly. That is why it is written in the scripture that God will teach you all things.  No man can teach another man because a blind man cannot lead a fellow blind man otherwise, both of them will fall into a pit. Lucifer has so troubled and misled the world into unrighteousness. .He teaches man how to drink, smoke, take snuff, and to indulge in the rest of the vices.
Whoever listens attentively and watches closely will realise that there is nothing God cannot do. Do not therefore lament over anything. When Christ stated clearly how difficult it is for a rich man (a person who is carnally minded) to inherit the kingdom of God, the disciples marvelled and said that if things were so with fresh trees, how much more the woods.
When he realised that the hearts of the disciples had sank and their hope waned, the Lord told them that what is difficult with man is quite easy before God.
Right from the time of Adam, all men have been chasing evil and walking in the path of destruction. It is the advent of Our Lord Jesus Christ that has given man a new direction and hope.
Even Moses himself taught a different doctrine and misled the world a great deal. He taught the doctrine of vengeance. Man has been used to such teaching until the manifestation of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
He came with a new teaching and new ways of life. What is even happening in the world now is to say the least, confounding and wonderful; how one man, an illiterate by world’s standing, stays in one place and controls the world.
He has come to rid the world of evil. The various churches find it hard to preach against fornication, drinking, smoking’ and medication.   This is in fulfillment of the words of our Lord Jesus Christ that it was expedient that He left so that the Comforter would be sent to us in His name, to teach and lead us to the wisdom of truth.

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