Celebration of the New Name OOO in Rivers State

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The celebration commenced with the usual morning devotion conducted in all Pentecostal Centre and Bethels across the world, was attended by the faithful children whose believe, faith and trust the name O.O.O. is firm.

At the temporary Headquarter of the fold- Ogbumnuabali Pentecostal Centre, where the brethren converged in their return from the lecture and interactive session between the kingdom and other denominational religious organisations, organized by the BCS executive council to boost their weeklong programme and also to create awareness for the people of the world about the kingdom and the universal Leader with His new name O.O.O. and mission. This programme was held at Delta Hotel and suites- Port Harcourt.

Morning devotion was conducted by the Holy Father through Christ Witness Bassey Obong Ogaji in the early hours of 05:00am on Sunday the 30th August 2015 with bible references: Romans 6: 16 – end and 1st Peter 2: 12 -18 read in order to prepare the minds of the brethren towards the heralded celebration of the new name of God, O.O.O.

Father in His usual words admonished His children to shine their light before men in all endeavours as the name is given to the inhabitants of the world as a source of backup and power to the elects. We were in the world practising the evil perpetrations thereof, and now that we have been bought by the costliest price and precious blood of Christ; fornication, anger, malice, hatred, bitterness, rancour, division and heresy should be done away with. Whereas, holiness and true resemblance of the Father, by practising His divine teachings is expected by all for a more unified new world order expected as a brief outing procession was embarked upon by the members round the city of Port Harcourt in the early hours of 06:07am.



A divine service to commence the celebration of the new name of God O.O.O was conducted by the Holy Father through His Lordship, Bishop Asuquo Ekanem at about 10.00am with the following bible texts forming the note of the sermon for the celebration;

First lesson – Mathew 12 vs 21

Second lesson- Revelation 3 vs 12

Golden text – 1st John 3 vs 3

The theme of the sermon was ‘’ACTIVATE THE NEW NAME OF GOD O.O.O’’. Father in His sermon spoke on the purpose of the use of the name of God as it’s a true reflection in the life of those who believe in it. Father in His words revealed to the brethren that revelations about this name and its mission were given by series of Prophets many years ago. And today, this name talked about is not Messiah, Jehovah nor Christ as the people of the world believe.

It was read to all as prove of the wonderful works of the name from the Holy book of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star- Oruk utu eyoyo page 110 sub heading 9.11.

The surest way to receive ones request from God is found forth within the call of this name Olumba Olumba Obu for the symbol O.O.O is the weapon of God. It is written on all the children of God, call on this name and get instant result. No prayer, fasting, assignment or feast is needed, the only way is by purifying yourselves and your entire request will be granted.

The Father also informed the brethren that it shall come to pass as all those who put their trust in this name will set aside a day yearly to celebrate a feast in recognition of the this new name of God.

While the sermon was on, Her Holiness, the Holy Queen Mother arrived the venue of the celebration and humbly walked in to the hall to share with the Brethren in the joy of the celebration.


The chairman in the occasion Apostle Franklin Nlemogu who also is the State Leader’s Representative for Rivers State in a brief remark to declare the second segment of the ceremony open, thanked the Father for giving the brethren in the State and beyond the enablement to converge in the temporal world headquarters in the epoch making event of the wonderful name of God celebration. While commending the brethren, he expanded his gratefulness to the Bishops who were fully present in the celebration as observers and to share in the blessing of the ceremony. For the overwhelming crowd who turned up en-mass in the event, the Chairman implored all to contribute meaningfully in cash and kind so that the untold blessing of the day may be the portion all the faithful children of God. He again urged the brethren to inculcate the spirit of holding firm to their trust, believe, hope and faith in the name O.O.O for the remedy in the midst of pestilence, worries, tribulation, sickness, hunger, confusion, war, and lack. Assuring all that they will witness a dramatical turn of event as they will always call upon the name O.O.O at anytime, anyway and any day.

The Leader’s Representative implored all to sit tight and contribute generously towards the joy of the day. He commended Her Holiness, the Holy Queen Mother for finding time to be physically present in the ceremony as the special guest of honour and also thanked all members of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Executive Council for being in the state not only for their anniversary week celebration, but also to join God’s people in rejoicing with the Father towards the occasion of the new name of God celebration.

Addressing the crowded scenario, the chairman of the event called on all to team-up and appreciate the name which serves as our guiding compass and fortress in the world, tracing that the celebration of the day is the reason and custodian of our life, peace, salvation and hope in the world of deception.

The Rivers State Central Choir treated the brethren to a joyous moment as they sang melodiously in the herald of the holy name of God O.O.O, while His Lordship Bishop Alex Igwe, the Port Harcourt regional Bishop in a brief testimony and response thanked the Supreme Father for the event of the day, declaring that the brethren who have come from far and near distance to pay their loyalty to the Father will never return unrewarded. He charged all to imbibe the spirit of trust, faith and believe in the name, for he has benefitted in several occasion from the use of it. Pointing on the name as the source of his joy and happiness.

Brethren in the appreciation of this wonderful name donated their quota both in gift and in cash to the Father.

The occasion was grand with the official commissioning of the first ever Leader’s Office annex situated in the premises of the Ogbumnuabali Pentecostal Centre. This session was proceeded with the State Central Choir ushering the Father in the Holy Queen Mother and her entourage including the members of the BCS Executive Council to the new office to be commissioned.

An office opened to ease the brethren from travelling to Uyo in order to remit her tithes and to solve other minor issues like the purchase of all the fellowship cards and other kingdom journals. Staff employed to work in the office were advised to at all times liaise with the head office on very crucial official matters.

Performing the dedication/commissioning of the Leader’s sub-office, His Lordship Bishop Asuquo Ekanem cut the tape on behalf of the Secretary General to declaring the office open in the name Leader Olumba Olumba Obu after a prayer of thanks was offered by a144, 000 virgin.

The interior decoration of the office was adequately furnished with the modern office equipment and facilities to meet with the class of the world, was filled to air with the overwhelming crowd of the brethren who turned up en-mass to witness the commissioning ceremony.  After the cutting of the tape to declare the office open for use by the brethren, the Holy Queen Mother and the Bishops were led in to perform the first official duties in the new office. While in the office, the State Leader’s Representative for Rivers State, Apostle Franklyn Nlemogu specially thanked the Father in the Secretary General for granting the first move of the Leader’s sub-office to the state and for being present in the commissioning of the office. He prayer the Father to use the office as a contact point to bless, promote and expand the kingdom. He commended the members of the Executive Council for also being in the occasion.

Finally, he prayed the Holy Father to bless the entire brethren in the State and beyond through the ceremony.  Whereas the brethren danced with overflowing joy as the choristers thrilled the guests in the occasion with inspiring spiritual songs.

Thank You Father




Let thanks and praises, honour and dominion be given to our Father in the name and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, Now and forevermore, Amen.


My Beloved and Distinguished Brethren,

I thank the Father for journey mercies given to His children from all parts of the country to be physically present and rejoicing with the Holy Spirit today; I also believe that at the end of this celebration, the Father will take you all back to your various homes safely in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

My Beloved Brethren, while the whole world is waiting for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, we in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star are celebrating the new name of God and we are also appreciating the new name of God; in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. Amen

The new name of God

The new name of God performs miracle, gives us salvation and fights our battle for us and also gives us victory, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

This new name takes care of all our problems; that is why the Father gives us His telephone number O.O.O, with His instruction that we call on this name which is the symbol of God. The Father says “we should call upon this name whenever we have problem, and He will surely answer us’’ in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

My dear brethren, my appeal to all of us is to purify ourselves; for us to be holy as our Father is holy, we must therefore be holy in order for us to benefit from the new name of God. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

I thank the Father in the Executive Council members, for their dedication and commitment to the Father’s work. I thank the Father for giving them the enabling power, the zeal, the wisdom and the ability to do the work. I pray the Father to continue to bless them, to continue to protect them. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

I also pray the Father to give them the ability to lead by example. I also thank the Father for the ability He has given His children in Rivers State to host this celebration and the BCS Executive Council.

I thank Him for the love He has given the brethren here; from the report I have heard, they said that the weeklong activity has been very interesting and successful. We thank the Father for glorifying Himself in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. I thank the Father for all the activities of the week. For those who participated, Father has bless all of you, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen



MY Beloved Brethren, for shelving all your personal program and activities to be here in order to rejoice with the Holy Spirit, all your problems, all your tribulations; the Father has taken them away. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Through this occasion, the Father has used it to wipe away all tears from our eyes, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. Through this occasion, the Father has granted your heart’s desire and He has also given you all wonderful testimonies. Receive your testimonies! Receive your testimonies!! Receive your testimonies!!! (She exclaimed)

Through this occasion, all those who are sick, since He is the greatest doctor: he has healed you. Receive your healing! Receive your healing!! Receive your healing!!! (She exclaimed)

The Father says we should call on Him whenever we have problem, call upon Him in the time trouble. Call upon Him; He will surely answer you, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

We know that we have to purify ourselves in order to benefit from this holy name. So my dear brethren, I pray the Father to give us the ability to be holy as our Father is holy.

Beloved Brethren, those that are looking for gainful employment; though this occasion, the Father has given you gainful employments, those that are looking for fruit of the womb; the Father has given them good children. Those that are praying for companion; the Father has granted your heart’s desire. Those that are looking for big contracts, the Father has given you. The Father has blessed you all; He said that He has promised that He will never live us comfortless. So the Father is always with us. All we have to do is to believe, trust and have faith in Him because He will never disappoint us. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

My beloved brethren, I thank the Father for this moment. I also thank the Father for the planning committee, for a job well done; the Father has blessed you all.

May His peace and blessing rest and abide with you and the entire world now and forevermore, Amen.

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