(Immediately after spiritual choruses and blessing at 5 a.m. morning prayers).

  1. Family and child kneel before the altar

     A sister (an ordained or mother of the bethel) kneels before the altar with the child

  1. Reading of the First Bible Reading ‑ Luke 2.22
  2. Anthem(s) by Choir(s)
  3. Prayers by 4 brethren from behind the family of the child (2 brothers and two sisters)
  4. Blessing

(a)      Hymn 427 rendered as background music and possibly repeatedly throughout this section

(b)     The officiating priest comes to the lower altar from the pulpit

(c)      Presentation of the child to the Officiating Priest  by a sister (the sister kneels beside the altar till the child is eventually handed back to her)

(d)     The Child placed on a pillow on the altar

(e)      Water sprinkled on his/her face

(f)      Holy oil rubbed on the child and sign of the cross made on his/her forehead, palms and the sole of his/her feet (The Officiating Priest  offers silent prayers of sanctification in tandem)

(g)     The child’s head is turned to the remaining three of the cardinal points (west, south and east) and on each turn items “e” and “f” above are repeated.

(h)     The child is given holy water to drink

(i)      The Officiating Priest  raises the child and points to the four cardinal points (north, west, south and east)

(j)      The child is handed back to the sister kneeling beside the altar

(k)     The Officiating Priest  returns to the pulpit

  1. Reading of the Second Bible Reading ‑ Ephesians 6.1‑4
  2. Reading of the Golden Text ‑ 1 Timothy 2.15
  3. The Officiating Priest gives brief advice to the family
  4. First Spiritual Chorus: “Eyen erong uwa”
  5. Second Spiritual Chorus: “Eyen amana ono nyin”
  6. Spiritual choruses and general blessing
  7. The Officiating Priest issues Child Blessing Certificate to child’s parents
  8. Love feast
  9. Testimony from the child’s parents and others
  10. Closing

N/B: Child blessing can also  be conducted during 10am Sunday service provided it is eight days after delivery.