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Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is the New Kingdom of God on Earth


The new heaven and the new earth do not mean a new sky and new colours and new earth with new environmental features.

The new heaven and the new earth by explanation means the Kingdom of God wherein dwells righteousness. It is the Kingdom of God with a new system of government and lifestyle with everything working according to His charge.


By extension, it is the fulfillment of the dream that King Nebuchadnezzar had, and that prophet Daniel interpreted.

You will remember that Nebuchadnezzar was so troubled by that dream and was desperate for its interpretation. Unfortunately, none of his seers and magicians could interpret that dream.

Out of disappointment, Nebuchadnezzar threatened to kill all his seers and magicians, but prophet Daniel came to their rescue.  (Dan 2: 1- end)

What we see now is the fulfillment of the first item on God’s agenda. God has never had a multitude of Saviours or faithfuls.

It has always been one Saviour and a handful of faithfuls.
Daniel after hearing, Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, called about three believers into the temple where they prayed to God to reveal the meaning of the dream.

God did reveal the meaning to Daniel who then went to Nebuchadnezzar and explained everything to him. He told Nebuchadnezzar that the meaning of his dream was that, kingdoms will come and reign and shall subsequently disappear.

But that there shall come a kingdom with great power which shall reign and reign forever and which power shall be insurmountable.

What is the meaning of Brotherhood?

It means God, Christ and the Angels. It means the people of this world, the fishes in the water, the trees in the forests, the grasses that grow in the fields. It means the ground on which we walk. Brotherhood means the Sky, the Wind, the Moon, the Sun, the Stars.

It means the worms, the ants, the birds. Brotherhood means every four-footed animal and every creeping thing. In short, Brotherhood means oneness. God and everything created by Him put together are Brotherhood.

What is the Cross?

 Cross means bearing another man’s burden without complaining; tolerating all kinds of sinners, the murderers, the thieves, the back-biters etc.

If you stand firm with Christ without fighting back your accusers whenever you are accused falsely, or being spat upon, or jeered at, disgraced, and insulted without just cause; if you are informed that someone has planned to shoot you and you fail to run away when he aims at you to shoot, then you are carrying the Cross. 


The Star means the brightness of God, and the power of His reign. It is the peace of the Almighty God that governs the universe. There is no other monarch other than Christ, the star.

From His birth, the great light has been shining over His head. It is the only light that shines the whole world over. Therefore, it is not just enough for any person to be a Brotherhood only, or carry the Cross only.

To be worthy children of the Kingdom of God we must be of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. The Star indicates those who will rule and are ruling with Him. The ruler of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, is the Star. That is Christ, and Christ is not alone.


  1. To Establish the Kindom of God here on Earth
  2. To Teach and Lead Man to the Accurate Knowledge of Truth

  3. To Transform Man to the Standard Required by God

  4. To Judge and Reward Every Man According to their Works



The need to teach mankind the word of God makes my assignment very daunting. It becomes more so as my teaching is predicated on practice and not theory. This approach is a departure from orthodox practices where the route to heaven is taught to depend on verbal affirmation of belief in Christ Jesus and an up-to-date payment of church dues. In some cases, such verbal affirmations are said to ensure salvation irrespective of such sins as fornication, adultery, occult practices and other vices that may be committed.


Everything done in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is ONE. Certain questions have been raised as regards certain procedures and practices in various stations in the fold.

There is only ONE Leader and Teacher in the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. He is the Holy Spirit, the Triune God, personified in Leader Olumba Olumba Obu. The Sole Spiritual Head.

Whatever is done in the Brotherhood fold in all planes of creation should be as we see Him do or as He directs or teaches. We must not imagine procedures and practices that are not in accordance with His divine instructions and directives.

To ensure uniformity and remove doubts from the minds of brethren, the Holy Spirit directed that a comprehensive Handbook be written for the guidance and adherence of brethren in the fold. This document is a compilation of the direct instructions and directives of the Holy Father and as such the official book of procedures and guidelines for the Brotherhood world.

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Order of Service

Order of Conducting Services.

  • Morning Prayers. ››
  • Full Service (All Mornings At 10am./Friday And Sunday Nights).
  • Evening Prayers.
  • Service on Wednesday.
  • Order of Service on Thursday.
  • The Order Of Conducting Bible Class.
  • Order Of Conducting Watch And Pray.
  • Thursday General Fasting (6:00am. – 6:00pm).
  • Order of Conducting Service on Easter Monday.
  • Order of Conducting a Meeting .
  • Order of conducting Baptism.
  • Order of Conducting House Blessing.
  • Order of Conducting Child Blessing.
  • Order of Conducting Holy Spirit Church.
  • Order of Conducting Funeral Service.
  • Order of conducting at the Cemetery (Interment).


Order of Full Service (All Mornings At 10am./Friday And Sunday Nights). 

  1. Introit: “The Lord is in His holy temple…” (Brotherhood Hymnary 503)
  2. Psalm 1 (recited by all while kneeling)
  3. Prayer by the officiating priest
  4. Hymn
  5. Prayer by a member
  6. Reading of the First Bible Lesson
  7. Hymn
  8. Prayer by a member
  9. Reading of the Second Bible Lesson
  10. Anthem(s) by Choir(s)
  11. Reading of the First Bible Lesson, Second Bible Lesson and the Golden Text
  12. Sermon
  13. Prayer by a member
  14. Silent Prayer (everyone stands)
  15. Blessing

(a)      Children: “Father, Son and the Holy Ghost…” (Brotherhood Hymnary 487)

(b)     Women lead, followed by men Congregation: “My disciples be ever ready (sung by all: Brotherhood Hymnary 488)

(c)      Choristers: “I will make you fishers of men…” (Brotherhood Hymnary 489)

(d)     Spirited Children, Elders, Preachers Ordained ones, Christ Witnesses, Senior Christ Servant, Bishops, 144,000 “Obong nam utom fo” (Brotherhood Hymnary 490).

  1. Prayer by a member
  2. Anthem(s) by Choir(s)
  3. Prayer by a member
  4. Closing Hymn
  5. Psalm 23 (recited by all while kneeling)
  6. The Lord’s Prayer (Brotherhood Hymnary 504)
  7. “Come Holy Spirit of God…” (Brotherhood Hymnary 513 – For Friday and Sunday nights: “Olumba behold us here…” Brotherhood Hymnary 506)
  8. Benediction by the Officiating Priest
  9. “Hear our prayers Oh Lord” (Brotherhood Hymnary 507)
  10. Spiritual choruses and blessing (order of blessing: Choristers, Children, Women Congregation, Men Congregation, Spirited Children, Elders, Preachers, Ordained, Christ Witnesses, Senior Christ Servants, Bishops, 144,000 Virgins)
  11. Feast, Visions, Dreams, Testimonies, Confession of sins, etc
  12. Announcements
  13. Admonition and closing by the Officiating Priest.

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Our Histroy


BCS Worldwide as a spiritual kingdom emanated through the dictates of the Holy Spirit. BCS stands for Brotherhood of the Cross and Star and its secondary name is Christ’s Universal Spiritual School of Practical Christianity.

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star was established physically on Earth by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu in 1956

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Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is not a church, Not a Secret Society but a Kingdom of God


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