1. Introit: “The Lord is in His holy temple…” (sung by all while kneeling: Brotherhood Hymnary 503)
  2. Psalm 1 (recited by all while kneeling)
  3. Prayer by the officiating priest
  4. Hymn
  5. Prayer by a member
  6. First Bible Lesson: John 21.15‑17
  7. Hymn
  8. Prayer by a member
  9. Second Bible Lesson: John 20.21‑23
  10. Anthem(s) by Choir(s)
  11. Reading of the First Bible Lesson, Second Bible Lesson and the Golden Text (Matthew 28.18‑20)
  12. Sermon
  13. Officiating priest calls for the congregation to individually confess their sins silently
  14. Spiritual choruses (while kneeling)

(a)      “Odudu usen Pentecost…”

(b)     “Se nte emende cross eno enye…”

(c)      “Oh iyip eyen erong…”

(d)     “Iyip okoduoho k’isong…”

(e)      “Mkpa usen ita…”

(f)      “Se ekenamde eno Israel…”

  1. Reading of the three texts (Read aloud seven times each and at intermittent breaks the congregation shouts Amen)
  2. Closing of sermon
  3. Prayer by a member
  4. Silent Prayer (everyone stands)
  5. Going on blessing

(e)      Children: “Father, Son and the Holy Ghost…” (Brotherhood Hymnary 487)

(f)      Women lead, followed by men Congregation: “My disciples be ever ready (Brotherhood Hymnary 488)

(g)     Choristers: “I will make you fishers of men…” (Brotherhood Hymnary 489)

(h)     Spirited Children, Elders, Preachers Ordained ones, Christ Witness, Senior Christ Servant, Bishops, 144,000 virgins “Obong nam utom fo” (Brotherhood Hymnary 490)

  1. Prayer by a member
  2. Anthem(s) by Choir(s)
  3. Prayer by a member
  4. Closing Hymn
  5. Psalm 23 (recited by all while kneeling)
  6. The Lord’s Prayer (Brotherhood Hymnary 504)
  7. “Come Holy Spirit of God…” (Brotherhood Hymnary 513)
  8. Benediction by the Officiating priest
  9. “Hear our prayers Oh Lord” (Brotherhood Hymnary 507)
  10. Spiritual choruses and blessing (order of blessing: Choristers, Children, Women Congregation, Men Congregation, Spirited Children, Elders, Preachers, Ordained, Christ Witnesses, Senior Christ Servants, Bishops, 144,000 Virgins)
  11. Feast, Visions, Dreams, Testimonies, Confession of sins, etc
  12. Announcements
  13. Admonition and closing by the officiating priest