Standing Order (Volume 4)


By Leader Olumba Olumba Obu

Let me tell you, and this is the last warning to those of you who go about in the morning, afternoon, evening and night begging for alms, cars and money; none of these things shall save you because they will all run away from you if you do not believe in God

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”First Lesson; John 12:14-16 “]

And Jesus, when he had found a young ass, Sat thereon:  as it is written. fear not, daughter of sion: behold, thy king cometh, sitting on ass’s colt . These things understood not his disciples at the first: but when Jesus was gloryfied, then remembered  they that these things were written of him.

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”Second Lesson: Galatians 5:25-26 “]

If we live in the spirit, let us also walk in the spirit. Let us not be desirous of vain glory provoking one another; envying one another.

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”Golden text: 1 John 3:16 “]

Hereby perceive we the love of God, Because he laid down his life for us: And we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”CHRIST: THE ONLY SAVIOUR “]

Brethren, have you understood that? I want each and every one of you to ask yourself this question, is there any one who is willing to sacrifice his life in order to save the world ? For this has been the problem before the advent of our Lord Jesus Christ. Today you see people boasting about, laying down their lives for others while in practical term they cannot.

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST IS GLORIFIED “]

Brethren, I will not relent on my effort every day to admonish you to continue steadfastly in doing good as well as forsaking evil practices. Once you fail to preach on these two aspects it means that you have not started preaching yet. What the entire world is busy preaching every day is not the word of God. All the writings as contained in the Bible center on these aspects. Christ died as a result of this pronouncement. The reason why Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrown into the furnace was as a result of the same thing. Daniel was also cast into the Den of lions because of this same thing.  Today, why we suffer tribulation, hardship, penury, death, sickness, and problems is because no body is willing to surrender his life for the sake of others or for the service of God. This is so because who ever volunteers to follow the way of Christ has chosen death for himself. Hence, Who so ever says he is not ready to die as a result of Christ such is not prepared to die with Christ. God does not desire our
cars, money, beauty, nor our honour but someone who is prepared to lay down his life for Christ’s sake.
The greatest thing for one to do in both heaven and on earth is to be prepared to die with Christ. A spiritual chorus states thus: “The Prophets Of Old Are The Same People Manifesting Themselves Today” Listen to my admonition, no matter who the person is once it comes to the point where he is required to lay down his life such a person will run away This is the most important reason why the entire world is engulfed with so many problems because none is prepared to sacrifice his life for the sake of Christ. No matter what you do if you are not willing to lay down your life for the sake of the gospel you are yet to start. This confirms the spiritual chorus that ”We the prophets of old are the same prophets of today”

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”THE FEAR OF DEATH “]

Have you heard that? When the Disciples heard this none of them could comprehend the exact meaning of what Christ was telling them. No matter the multitude of people who follow Christ when it comes to a particular point where someone is requested to lay down his life unbehalf of Christ you will notice that the multitude will start running away one after the other. In view of this man is running helter shelter looking for a escape goat, that is the one who will die for the interest of others while they themselves shy away from this responsibility hence the untold hardship characterizing the world today

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”BE STEADFAST IN TRUTH “]

Brethren, have you heard that? If you profess to live in Spirit stand firm in telling the truth. Do not be scared of any one. At all times do that which is pleasing to God. Accept to be kill, abused, accused falsely, and be forsaked by people and firm in the truth and you shall be saved.
There was a certain king called Nebuchadnezzar who at that time was the colonial king of Israel. It was agreed that he should be addressed as God, that they should pray his name and call upon his name in whatever thing they wanted to do. That the sword should kill whosoever deviated from that order and called upon any other name. Why was such a decree promulgated? The reason was that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would never call upon the name of
Nebuchadnezzar. This trap was set for these people because they knew that they would not call on him (Nebuchadnezzar) hence they could kill them and most especilly, prophet Daniel, who did not know of any other name apart from the Father. Even if you were to behead him and devour his flesh he was not perturbed. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and prophet Daniel were prepared to face this challenge. King Nebuchadnezzar made the proclamation that whosoever failed to worship him as God should be killed. And that his name be used in all their supplications.
As his quest for power increased, one day he summoned his deputies and entire subjects and told them that if they could not interpret his dream which he had and tell him the proper meaning of his name they all would be killed. The people asked him what his name was but he refused to tell them. Instead he instructed them to find out the meaning of his real name, otherwise he would kill them.
Brethren, you can now see how the word of God works and God alone knows the heart desire of all men but none knows his mind. When the people were held hostage for their inability to interpret his name and dream, Prophet Daniel volunteered and requested that these people be set free for he could interpret both his name and the dream. When you claim there _are lots of temptations l want to debunk such claims that there is no temptation. What you call temptation is promotion, it comes to you when least
expected. since you are not prepared to tell the truth, stand steadfastly with God and share this glory with him, you refer to it as temptation.
Since King Nebuchadnezzar threatened to kill all of them if they could not interpret this dream they were dumbfounded and were ignorant of the power of God. It was only Daniel who confronted Nebuchadnezzar to free the people for he was going to interpret his dream. l want to let you know the truth that is in this kingdom of God because when you are given the words which are not in consonance with the teachings of God, it brings you pedition . But if you are the type who is bold, have fervent belief in God and stands firm in His words you will win the war.

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”THE CHILDREN OF GOD ARE FEW IN NUMBER “]

Daniel called a few number of children of God because from time immemorial children of God have always been few. Those who have faith in God are always insignificant in number and they always have glory with God. Whether you are the President, Governor or whatever you call yourself does not matter. But the most important thing is that, those who have faith in God shall share in His glory. The few number of children of God Daniel called, gathered together and prayed.
Brethren, it is more rewarding for one to remain truthful till the end than to deny God mid-way. One spiritual chorus is rendered thus: “ God has never deceived us”. There is nothing you request from God and He fails to grant you. All those who have faith in Him have everlasting life.

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”HE IS MIGITY AND GREAT “]

So brethren, the following day, prophet Daniel called on king Nebuchadnezzar to interpret his dream which God has revealed to him. The people of this world are heartless, they have a heart of iron. There are those who persecute God and those who follow Him. Believe fervently that the God you worship is great and mighty, hold Him fast. Daniel relayed the whole interpretation of his dream and Nebuchadnezzar fell down on the ground and confessed that Daniel worshipped the great and mighty God and that he should hold fast in him.

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”DEATH IS AN INEVITABLE END “]

Most of you here give visions, raise the dead through prayer and make the lame to walk, but does God require these things? Have you not realised that we are all taking an examination? A local adage says that, “One who swims should not forget to dive and while diving one should not lose sight of swimming”. Equally as you live in the world you should not forget about a phenomenon called death. NO MATTER WHAT, YOU WILL DIE ONE DAY. This is the only yard stick used by God to test mankind. Satan is equally aware of this fact. All of you who are gathered here stamp your feet on the ground and proclaimed that till dead you will never forsake God. But the one who shall conquer is he who does not fear death.
Consequent upon this interpretation, Nebuchadnezzar elevated Daniel above the rest of his cabinet members.
A great number of people do not know the cause of their death especially those who followed God from time immemorial, people are busy struggling for positions as presidents, Governors, Choristers to sing and dance. These are not what God requires of you. God requires the person who shall endure till the end and stand firmly with Him.
You might be confronted by people that except you deny God you will be killed like others. Before you know it you have already denied knowing God or having any dealing with Him. You succumb to this threat so that you may be saved but little do you know that you are going to hell fire. But whosoever believe frevently and has faith in God stands firm when asked if he knows God, Without fear of death or intimidation he maintains his ground that he knows God. What can one do to him? Nothing.

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”WARNING AGAINST ASSIGNMENT IN B.C. S “]

Let me tell you, and this is the last warning to those of you who go about in the morning, afternoon, evening and night begging for alms, cars and money; none of these things shall save you because they will all run away from you if you do not believe in God, He who conquers is the one who has faith. Henceforth, if l learn that someone did what you call ‘assignment`, l will not hesitate to cast you out of this kingdom. Whoever is not fearful, does not run away from death, does not think of death, persecution, nor anything else such a person is the winner in the whole world. But those who are afraid of dead.  continue to perform one form of assignment or the other such person shall soon meet their pedition. lt is stated in the scriptures that whosoever shall be prepared to lay down his life for the sake of Christ shall inherit the kingdom of God. All forms of ‘assignments’ you go about doing in this kingdom shall perish and you shall also perish, your house hold and your
entire community shall perish along side with you. For how long will you continue to do assignment from one point to another? If you do one assignment today, tomorrow you will be required to do another. Those who are fond of doing ‘assignment will know no peace no matter where there may run to, whether London. America or India, death awaits you there. You may end up spending all your hard – earned resources yet you could not be able to save your life. Even if you give your wealth and money to people what about your life but once you call a spade, a spade and surrender your life to God you have conquered.

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”THE FATE OF FAKE VISIONERS “]

The word you are receiving now from me constitutes an iron rod and whosoever believe in them has life everlasting. Many of you usually panic whenever the Father delays coming out and some who are afraid will start to express fear of perishing. This also amounts to the same fear of death which you have been running away from. The reason for doing this is that you are afraid’ of death. As you are afraid of death, then why do you fail to believe in God? How then can you be saved? Any visioner who tells you to sacrifice cow, cat. goat, build a house, buy a car, or do any other thing for him so as to protect you from death, death itself awaits such a person because he is useless. This teaching does not require an application. buying of a gun, preservance nor gathering of great multitudes of people. All
these things amount to nothing. But if you believe fervently in God you will also believe that God endures forever.
Why do you read a bible, pray, pay tithe and do other things yet you fail to believe in God? Why do you profess to know God yet you fail to realize that the same God is the giver of life, power, patience and lie is the controller of all things?

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”THE FEARFUL SHOLUD LEAVE “]

All those who are afraid of death should henceforth leave brotherhood. Equally, all those who are afraid that someone will kill them should leave immediately. But if there is only one person who is steadfast in God and believes fervently in Him he is saved. Do you tell me that you believe in a popular saying that: “Heaven helps those who help themselves?” Ever since you started helping yourself how far have you gone?

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”FAITHLESSNESS BREEDS DECEPTION “]

Are you aware of this fact? Satan deceives you with nothing except lack of faith satan comes to you whenever he notices that you lack faith. All those who go about extorting money from you, who has killed them? But once you refuse to give them money they would threaten to shoot you. Once you have faith in Him you are saved. You may be glad to know that l am 83 years old yet l am as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar. I have never made any incisions on my body, nor hang talisman on my neck.
When I was about 5 or 7 years old in Biakpan. People there believed that except one had talisman, he would be regarded as nobody. But l stood my ground and told them that I will never follow them to practise anything ungodly, All those who initiated into one form of occult practise or the other have all died. l am a kind of person who rejoices whenever death approaches.
Why do you go about doing ‘assignments inorder to be loved by someone? Does such practice make you a child of God? I have never in my life incised anything to my body. There is nothing one can do inorder to move me. Where can
you take me to, when l am with the Father? He dwells in me while l in Him hence l think of no other thing. You are afraid of being swallowed by death, while l am not. Frankly speaking death is my best friend.
No matter how melodious your songs may be, no matter how dexterous you dance, l am not interested in any of these things. Do you believe in God? l have never said woe betide someone. why should l utter such a word? If you like you can beat me up or even use an axe on me l am not perturbed. For l have carried both oil and water on my head hence l know their weight. Someone who is not perturbed about anything done to him, who does not seek for any fetish protection and who is not easily exasperated, where do you think l derived my protection from? Is it from the bark of tree? lf you practice evil, you have disgraced your Father.
If l mention some of my peers in Biakpan only four of them are still alive, the rest have all died. Because they indulged in the preparation of charms, drinking and incising some concoctions into their bodies. Instead of practicing these diabolical acts I choose to embrace God at all times. I have overcome them with truthfulness that is why my ways are opened.
There is a certain brother in Biakpan popularly called and addressed as “Let them say”, now Pastor Etuk prefers to call him ‘Let them see’. The entire community and beyound are
afraid of him because they believe, he is the greatest wizard. The brother in question even confessed here that some people came to him to be initiated into the witchcraft cult. According to him he mentioned a lot of things both seen and unseen so that they may not be able to get those things with the intention of scaring them away. The reason being that he is not a wizard nor demond, or mermaid. They warn you against following me, but if you do not follow me who else will you follow?. I follow God believing that He alone is the truth and His words are true. He does not die, therefore, I cannot die. I do not get sick since He does not get sick. If I stop from following Him is it you that I will follow? Till you die you will not see me.

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”THE FAITHFUL AND GOD ARE, C0-ETERNAL “]

Right from this hour believe fervently that God does not die hence His children cannot die. He is not sick and you cannot be sick. He does not lack and you cannot lack or be in want. He lives forever and you equally live forever. Believe in -Him and abide in the truth at all times for nothing can flap its ugly wings against you. What I am giving to you serves as my last admonition to you hence you should not expect me to admonish you every time.
Each time I admonish you I never fail to mention, Christ witness Ime Akpakpan because I have seen the type of faith he has. While the rest of you gathered here are empty, you are only noted for gossiping from one pillar to the other. It
is common knowledge that, most of you here, when someone may be involved in the preparation of charm against you, you will also go out in the process. By so doing you rather harm yourself. Whom are you going to blame? You are the cause of your problems. At times someone would come to you, informing you that, in the dream, he saw how you were slaughtered.
You should realise that, it is not you but that person relaying the dream to you that is slaughtered. You are empty and your greatest problem is disbelieve in God. I personally have explicit faith in Him, l believe and hope in Him. All my needs in life are centered on Him. l serve Him alone and nothing else.
In the early days l was reliably informed that some young men from lgbo land (Ohafia) had concluded plans to invade Biakpan. l instructed prophet John of blessed memory to go to Ohafia, and that what ever was presented to him in the form of food or wine -should be taken. That, nothing would happen to him and that if a single hair from his head should fall he should know that it is not God who is at work. During the communal clash the indigenes of Biakpan had fled the land His cousin by name Kanu Ekpezu warned him against visiting Ohafia during the war but he told him that he was directed by the Father to visit the land. So he visited Ohafia and came back safely. This was made possible because he believed fervently in the Father.
For instance as we are here gathered, if there is any bomb explosion within this hall all of you will run helter-skelter but l remain where l am without any movement. l will not move an inch because l know that an explosion is my friend and brother. lf you like to shoot me with gun, abuse me or quarrel with me l am not worried because none of these can come to me or harm me. If you tell me to pray fervently for one of my hands, l would ask you what has happened to it? You cannot eat a penny of mine through fake vision. Some of these people who go about extorting money from people in the name of vision are passing away gradually. There is nothing else, and l am telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. lf you reverence God He in turn will respect you.
First Witness: John 3: 26 – 34
‘And they came unto John, and said unto him, Rabbi he that was with thee beyond Jordan, to whom thou barest witness, behold, the same baptizeth;  and all men come to him. John answered and said, a man can recieve nothing. Except it be given him from heaven. ye yourselves bear me witness that I say I am not the Christ, but that I am sent before him. He that hath the bride bridegroom but the friend Of the bridegroom, which standeth and heareth him, Rejoiceth greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice; this My joy therefore is fulfilled.
He must increase, but I must decrease. He that cometh from above is above all: he that is off The earth is earthly and speaketh of the earth: he that Cometh from heaven is above all And what he hath seen and heard, that he testifieth,’ And no man recieveth his testimony He that hath recieved his testimony set to his Seal that God is true. For he whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God: for God giveth not the spirit by measure Unto him ”

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”THE FAITHFUI IS A ROCK “]

Have you heard that? If you turn around to tell lies, be annoyed and disbelieve in God you are a death person. If you believe and have faith in God nothing can shake you for you will be as strong as the rock of Gibralter. With fervent belief, you can kick death with your leg and even if the whole city stands against you, rebuke and command them they will all run away. Brethren, believe in me and all that l tell you, for you cannot expect me to be preaching to you every day without believing. What else do you expect to hear from me? I have told you to desist from, telling lies, stealing, fornication and deceiving people. But believe in God and tell the truth always. lf you comply, you have life everlasting but if you deviate from these norms death ‘awaits you.

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”IMMUNITY FOR THE TRUTHFUL “]

Brethren, it is said whosoever has ears, let him hear. Christ spoke the truth at all times and nothing was able to overcome him. lf you continue to tell lies something unexpected will happen to you. lf you steal you will pay for it  lf you are a fornicator, you will face the music alone. lf you are a fraudulent person who insist on doing things you are told to foresake, you are a debtor to death. But once you abstain completely from those negative tendencies you have been warned against, you will have life everlasting.
Brethren, at the end of every sermon delivered by Christ, He would conclude, ‘He who has ears, let him hear’. Now Olumba has spoken in like manner that he who has ears, let him hear. May God bless His Holy words. Amen