2020 CNCF Pilgrimage: Holy Father Declares Blessing for Choristers

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…advised members to shun blasphemy and division

Blessings and wild jubilation rained lavish at the 2020 Christ Natural Choristers Fellowship (CNCF), Pilgrimage as the Holy Father declared blessings for His children.

The magnificent Nsikak Eduok Cathedral, Uyo was the venue for this year’s celebration. The atmosphere was filled with contagious dance and song renditions as Choristers arrayed in sacred white and drawn from more than seven states were in assemblage to mark the annual International exercise.

The event which started over 4 decades ago has gradually gained momentum and consistency as more varieties and packages have been added to make the spiritual exercise a soul-lifting one for members of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. Among activities that stand the event out are song renditions, competitions and spiritual cleansing (Bethsaida water).

The Holy Father in His Holiness Obu Olumba Obu while handing down words of advice to the children of God at the event admonished them to avoid inciting actions and blasphemous words culpable of causing division in the kingdom but rather love for one another and the growth of the kingdom should be the focal drive of everybody.

Making reference from Matthew 12:31-32, His Holiness Obu encouraged brethren to bridle their tongue and utterances as the Holy Father has commanded that any blasphemy done against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.

Earlier, Christ Witness Sylvanus Effiong who conducted the evening service (first part), drew his sermon from the Holy Book of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Holy Orokutu Eyoyo page 469 with the theme ‘’humility: the key to God’s kingdom’’ charged brethren to emulate the humble nature of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu as such is the opening door to the kingdom of God.

He noted that humility as a virtue gives one an easy entrance into the kingdom of God, open the doors of prayer and makes one a friend of God as God loves humble people.

During the second part, the Chairman on the occasion, Apostle Ekpenyong Akpan in his opening address thanked the Holy Father for granting journey mercies to the participants at the event. He noted that the 2020 pilgrimage was exceptional as it reflected the true children of God and those who understand why they were in BCS.

Apostle Akpan pleaded with members not to bank their faith in man or on their carnal knowledge but rather look up to the Universal Teacher, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu who has called them into His kingdom to lead them. He emphasized that members should avoid the gathering of brethren trying to cause division in the fold but should ask question and seek clarification from appropriate quarters on issues bothering the kingdom.

Also, the International CNCF Chairman, Brother Attah Akpan in his address reminded members of the fellowship on the reason for the pilgrimage and the need to have sober reflections and tap from the essence of the convergence from the Holy Father.

Brother Akpan averred ‘’pilgrimage as we all know is the visit to the land of the Holy One of Israel. Pilgrimage in Brotherhood started when Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) denied our members the permit to participate in Christian Pilgrimage to Jerusalem. When this matter was reported to the Holy Father, He declared, what do you go there for in the first place? To visit the people that killed the prophets?

‘’Don’t you remember that Christ said, O Jerusalem, Jerusalem that kills the prophets, behold your house is left unto you desolate, you will see me no more, until you say, Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord Matthew 23: 37-39. The Father further said, have they said so up till now? Henceforth my children should go to Biakpan, your blessings are kept there for you. Dear brethren our gathering here today depicts, obedience to our Holy Father’s order and instruction.’’

The International CNCF Chairman advised the choristers to avoid the temptation of being used by those he described as agents of Lucifer to peddle falsehood in the kingdom. He called on members to focus only on the Father, His instructions and also follow order of the Holy Father’s constituted authority in the person of His Holiness Obu Olumba Obu.

On his part, the Akwa Ibom State Leader’s Representative, Pastor McCarthy Ubom while welcoming the choristers to the event thanked the Holy Father for the safe journey granted members of the fellowship. He pleaded with members of the fellowship to see the pilgrimage as an opportunity to reinvest and strengthen their faith in God.

Highpoint of the event was the competition exercise which six states participated in. The states that took part in the exercise were; Abia, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Lagos, and Rivers States respectively. After the exercise was concluded and results announced. Lagos, Abia, Akwa Ibom states emerged 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively while Cross River, Rivers and Bayelsa states emerged 4th, 5th and 6th.

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