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But I say unto you, that whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgement; and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca shall be in danger of the council:

but whosoever shall say, thou fool, shall be in danger of hellfire.”


“Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.”


“Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, until seven times; but until seventy times seven.”


“Jesus the way, the truth and the life, whosoever believes in him shall never die.”

Brethren, do not allow any person to lead you astray. As soon as you reject Christ and his teachings realize that there is no other way for you to go, and by so doing you are covered with darkness. The reason why things have taken the shape it is now with the people of the world is because they have rejected Christ and his teachings. This thing is not derivable from educational wisdom, or one’s intellect, nor is it considered in terms of length or breath; beauty or handsomeness or wealth. It is the wisdom of God. This thing is fulfilled according to the words of the prophecy. It has been predestined already that he is the only Leader. It is himself alone who can lead us to the accurate wisdom of the truth.It is neither man nor angel who can lead humanity. From Adam till enternity, it is himself alone who knows the way, who leads and he is the savior; he is the Protector and the Teacher. Apart from him there is no other person.



This explains why it is said that God created man in his own image and after his likeness. What does “his own image” in that statement stand for? That refers to the reasoning faculty given to mankind. The fishes, animals and other creations have instinct but they do not have the reasoning faculty. The explanation is that if per chance you find a fish in our midst, intuitively it will know that human beings are in this house. The same thing is applicable to an animal. If an animal gets into a place where people gather, it will instinctively know that human beings are there.

The only thing left is that it will not know what to do and save itself. The fish or animal is aware that it is going to be caught but how to escape will elude it, for, it will not know nor what to do and save itself. The fish or animal is aware that it is going to be caught but how to escape will be the problem. Fishes and animals do not have this thinking faculty and they are not given by God. It is a pity that it has to be like that. Of all creations of God including human beings the only person who has this wisdom is our Lord Jesus Christ.

Right now all of us are aware of the fact that anger is not good. But the problem is how and what can you do to stop getting annoyed. Nobody seems to know how to go about it now. Moses himself got angry, the rest of the patriarchs got angry and so on and so forth until this day. We all are aware that anger is not good and that our present predicament is caused by anger. Then what will man do to free himself from this helpless situation? No man knows and there is no angel who knows how to go about it. What has brought problems into the world? Is it not anger? The untold hardship you find in the entire world is traceable to anger. All what you have heard that people are quarrelling, fighting and killing themselves; these things are caused by anger. There is no other thing that causes these problems except anger. When you are angry you do all kinds of shady and abominable things. It is anger which is Satan. The question now is: What is mankind to do in order to remove himself from that state of anger?



Our Lord Jesus Christ has put across his questions before us and has provided answers to His questions. He does not fail to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of anything. If you like it is finally left for you to either take it or leave it. There is nobody who knows that his main problem and that which troubles him is anger. Death, lack, sickness, problem, difficulty, hatred and other things emanate from anger and anger is the key which unlocks the way for these calamities to befall you.

It is just like somebody would say the chairman of an occasion or the president of a club. If you want to know the chairman or president of all evil things it is none other than anger. Once you are angry if you plant any crop it will not have good yields; if you wish you may experiment this and if care is not taken that crop may not germinate at all but where it does, it will not bring forth good yields. If you go to the market with your articles while you are angry nobody will come around to ask what they cost, not even a fly will settle on it. When you are angry somebody can stand by you talking but you will not hear and at such a point you cannot even see well. If somebody greets you, you will not hear; and because you do not hear you will think the person is cursing you and you will get angry instantly asking whether he is cursing you, whereas the person has only greeted you.



When you are angry if you give somebody advice and if he abides by your advice he will perish. To start with, it is not possible for anybody to adhere to your advice. And once you are angry you become a dead person, anything you touch becomes dead; in fact you become totally paralysed. It is for that reason the whites say: “Anger is a short madness.” There is nothing to compare to any angry man. A mad man is better than an angry man. A drunkard for that matter is better than an angry man. That is what has kept the world in the state it in is today.

It is pathetic therefore, to find that people in this fold still shamelessly stand out to confess their sins thus: “I am easily given to anger.” Everyday you continue to recite that ‘poem’ and the ‘verse’ “…easily given to anger.” You find that your twenty or forty years here count for nothing. I have come with an antidote to that problem. When you are angry and you speak to somebody who perhaps does not hear you, and just for that you become so much angry. If somebody greets you, you will think he is wishing you ill-luck. At that juncture you do not see well again, you experience pains all over your body; you become troubled and impoverished. As soon as you are angry you may distribute your properties to people. It may not end there, you can go ahead and declare publicly who you are, and what goes on in your family, saying everything and disgracing yourself before people. While you are angry people may go into your house and plunder all your goods. And anytime you are angry you are useless.

We are seeking for long life, peace, money and all good things, but what is the solution to getting those things. What causes such a problem is anger. As long as you do not refrain from anger things may not be well with you. You have heard the panacea which I have given to you today. When anger will start its work on you, it is at that time you will say it is ghost, or suspect somebody and threaten to kill him with a gun, out of that same anger. You can even try your hands on concoction and diabology. There is nothing evil, anger cannot do.

If somebody tells you that anger can bring anything good to any man tell that person that he is a deceiver. Anger cannot do anything good to anybody. All what anger does is to spoil all what had been made good already.



What caused Elijah to pray and cause the rain to cease for three years and six months? It was anger that did that. During that time there was not even a drop of rain and people died and the survivors suffered untold hardship. Why did Elijah pray and call on God to send down fire to consume the Israelites? It was because his place of worship had been tampered with, and out of that anger he acted the way he did. Why did he pray that fire should consume all those who worshipped the god of Baal? That was also caused by anger. When mention is made of Satan everywhere, that is none other thing than anger. That which spoils the world is anger. The woe that betides mankind today is anger. At anytime our Lord Jesus Christ gives you the disadvantages of something he will never fail to give you the antidote so as to overcome all evil and become saved.

You have heard what our first lesson says that: “whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgement.”There is nobody in this world who believes that if somebody says woe unto you and your mother, that such a man has put himself under the judgement of the Sanhedrin. Nobody also knows that by saying to somebody thou fool, that he has put himself under the punishment of hell fire. Do you know this? Like you will find some people do, somebody will keep a chair this way and sit down, and his or her opponent will do likewise; both of them go on abusing and cursing each other. Don’t you know that you are dead and there is no life in you? At times you find somebody hale and hearty but he is told that he is anemic. What is responsible for that except anger? Whoever is given to anger is overworking his mind and increasing his blood pressure. If you act in this manner it means you are dead, because you will suddenly run short of blood.



Brethren, it is because I am sympathetic about you and the whole world, that is why I preach ceaselessly to you everyday. I made a statement since 14th February 1942 that if there is anybody who will be able to annoy me I will give him a precious gift. That statement had been made long ago. But why is it that nobody is able to make me angry. It is because I know what anger can do; there is no other Satan that exists apart from anger. It is not man, snake or stone which is Satan. It is anger which constitutes Satan. There is neither charm, juju, diabology, ghost nor mermaid. It is anger which brings about all other evil things. That is why when somebody wants to eliminate you he will first of all cause you to become angry so that he can get you.

And once you are angry it means you are finished. If somebody intends to commit you into doing evil, the first thing he has to do is to get you annoyed. The moment he sees you he will bark out: “get out, you rogue!” Immediately he says that you become exasperated. If you have a matchete you will chop off his head. At times when somebody dies people will accuse you to be the killer. At such a point you become greatly angry. That is how the problems start. By so doing it means you are dead. That is the only way things happen in the world. You are called a robber , witch and evil doer, let that person kill your if he is able. He may call you abominable names, and you are doing your business without saying a word. Whatever he says is not inscribed on your body. Even though you are called a liar, if you are happy at that particular time, you will not even hear what the person says.



Why is it that if man or woman lives in one house as husband and wife, if per chance they are no longer together, one will publicly speak against the other. What has caused that? Is it not anger? You are unhappy because that man has driven you out of the house. The person will curse and abuse you in the manner you least expected. She will call you thief, apparition, and will tell people that you threatened to kill her with your witchery powers that is why she had to take her exit to save her life. Whatever she says is not true. She is angry, that is why she says all sorts of nonsense. After all did such two people not stay for twenty years before the divorce? That is why when somebody comes here to say what he does not know I will tell him to calm down.

Like that reverend father who came the other day and talked on similar issues and along the line he wanted to talk about other subjects. I ask him whether he had forgotten the fact that he went to school in Roman Catholic schools and after that enrolled as a reverend father in the Roman Catholic church; Why is it that this time you did not see such things. Why do you say such things because your eyes have suddenly been opened. We do not engage in that kind of campaign. The government calls it provocation. They design it and give provision for self-defence in their law book.



The law provides that if somebody threatens to kill you in your house, if you are able to, shoot him to death, it says that if you catch somebody inside your apartment making love with your wife, that you can kill him. If you kill him will you be saved? You are told that if somebody does anything to you, that you should pay him back immediately. That would be termed provocation. The only thing you know is to resist your offenders and retaliate accordingly. Satan has overcome you. That is the only diabology which you know. The question now is, if somebody offends you and you punish the person or get him killed, are you saved by so doing? It means the world does not have the panacea for this problem. That is what you are taught in the world. You are taught that if somebody offends you, you can arrange for him to be punished or killed somewhere out of the sight of people. And I ask, are you saved for doing such a thing? Even now, while you may be going along the street somebody may appear from nowhere and start beating you up. At that point, it may be your relation, or cousin comes out to rescue you by beating the person concerned thoroughly. May be he has beaten and wounded the culprit. At that point the police will be invited into the matter and it becomes a police case this time around and your relation who tried to rescue you will be in for questioning. Why did he do that?



Brethren, let us follow after our Lord Jesus Christ because he is the only custodian of life, the one who knows the way and the only path which leads to salvation. The world has no solution to this singular problem because they are filled with anger. That is the main article of trade I have brought to you. It is very enjoyable. If you do not get angry any longer you will be taken away; you will not see evil, hear evil or do evil and whatever is termed evil will not reach where you are. You do not even know what evil is if you refrain from anger. And you will always be joyful and anything related to you will come with all ease. Everything will come to you from all angles abundantly. And your path becomes flourished with all good things. When you move about and those in the world, upon seeing you, lay claims that you are witch, wizard, ghost and mermaid. It is they who are wizards and witches not you. Do not mind them. The reason why I give you this gospel today is that once you know the loopholes through which problems come, you will cause them to stop.

At any point in time you cease to be angry it means you do not have any problem again, you do not see any evil nor listen to evil communications; you will not commit any evil nor know what is evil. If you attain this height your joy will be full and your ways will be opened. Throughout your life you will live amidst abundance of all good things of life; those who live around you will start to abuse and accuse you, that you are witch or wizard, mermaid and apparition, etc. They will not realize that they rather are all these things.

I have brought these teachings unto you so that you could correct your ills and be free from problems. The fact is that once you know the cause of any problem you will be able to solve the problem easily. The problems and difficulties and all calamities afflicting man is caused by anger. Once you become angry it means you are dead and foolish.



“Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.”


Right from today what you have heard is the solution to your problems. Even though somebody stands before and threaten to kill you, or curse and abuse you, or call you a thief, you have to listen to what he says because you are not deaf. Be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath. If you endure it and leave the person, you may not reach a far distance when the whole thing will end.

Whenever anybody does anything and if people mention it, you have to plead with them not to allow the person involved to hear so that he may not become offended. You have to feign ignorance of the whole affair. And once you reach his house you greet and embrace him and ask for what kind of food is available and that which they kept for you. Be very sociable and unconcerned with whatever he does. If you put up such act and countenance, as soon as soon as you depart he will thank God immensely because you have not mentioned what he did to you. He thought you did not hear. And through that way you do not get into trouble with him. You will experience peace, joy, and his guilty conscience will be worrying him. How many times do you think somebody has to die?

The word is like a chain: once you finish one statement another will surface; and if you continue like that you will miss a lot of things along the line and will equally forget a lot of other things. If you speak further it may reach a stage whereby you are called upon to defend what you said and you deny having said such a thing. Such is likely to happen when you are angry. Your heart is like the soil and anger is like a seed. If you plant any crop or a grain of maize, whatever happens it must germinate. So it is with your heart. But where you do not plant any crop or seed nothing will germinate. And in the same token if you are not angry there is nothing that will cause evil words to proceed out of your mouth. That is why whenever you see or hear any word and treat it with levity such a thing will die a natural death and that spot will remain its grave. Right from today and indeed in this year (1991) it is declared unto the whole world, “be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath,”



You will see what will come to pass if from today you are slow to wrath. By putting up such facetiousness your opponent will be surprised and will surrender with contemplations on what should be the cause of your silence. By that he will start doing that which is good, confess his sins to you, and whatever problem he did cause will die forever. That is why the scripture says:

“when your enemy is hungry give him food and when he is thirsty give him drink; and by so doing you heap coals of fire on his head.” You know what coals of fire are. And when heaped on somebody’s head you are aware of what it could become. If you cook and display dishes here you may not know how delicious they are.

That is why it is said that “the taste of the pudding is in the eating.” If you go and put into practice all what I am telling you, great testimonies will abound for you. You have heard and seen what the inhabitants of the world have done. At times some people do question rhetorically: “Does that man hear all these blasphemies made against him?” Do I have to hear all those things? I do not hear such things. If I may ask, of all the accusations and blasphemies levelled against Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, have they ever been said against any other person in this world? Should somebody try such a thing with the secular people they would have dealt with such a person. All of you gathered here, there is none of you when you did not come in here, who had a good thought, right from the scratch, that what goes on here is purely God’s affair. Has an angry man any life in him? Does he see? Does he hear? What do you think a dead person knows? Whoever is angry is in the grave.



Moses said whoever kills should be killed. Once you are angry it means you have killed. And that means you are finished. Our Lord Jesus Christ came and said that it was not until you kill, but that whoever is angry with his brother puts himself under judgement. Therefore, it is not fair for you to be angry at all. If you are angry the Holy Spirit runs away from you and will never come to his house (your heart) again. And from the moment you are angry that house has collapsed. The worst crime that you can commit is to be angry.

As soon as you are angry realize that there is not life in you. That is why when you are angry you cannot speak good words nor see your way clearly: you cannot do anything at such a level because the owner of the house has gone out and you stand to be judged. Those you find committing nefarious acts are devoid of the Holy Spirit. Some are mad, others are filled with anger and by so doing they kill the spirit in them. Why is it that when people shout: thief, thief! All those around will pick up machetes and clubs and chase the said robber? Does it mean that, that thief is carrying a machete? It is anger that has caused all the people to pick up machetes against that thief and will shout: “Kill him! Kill him!” They are motivated by anger to do these things. But I tell you that once you pick up a machete against anybody you are already dead. If you discover the presence of a thief in your house ask him, “Brother, what will you eat?” You have to ask him what he will eat. And quickly prepare him food to eat. Ask him his problem; after he has told you his problem you have to find him some money. He will receive the money with thanks and will be surprised why you should be so innocuous to him.



If you find somebody with your wife do not bother to be violent nor cause trouble with such a man. The only solution is, ask him what he will like to eat or drink then supply his needs and rather ask her what she shall eat or drink and supply her needs accordingly. If possible wash her clothes and take good care of her. When she would try to apologize just tell her to forget about such a thing for there is no problem about her presence in your home. And such a woman will, out of shame and surprise look down on herself. Your husband will remain shy and speechless. And peace shall remain in that house; your husband will thereafter extol you to be a very good wife. The teaching I impart to you is superb and wonderful. The solutions I have given to you are what I had tried myself and they worked like magic.

I am going to tell you this story which I have been telling you, in regard to the Students Quarters. I did tell you sometime that somebody came and struggled to obtain that piece of land. Many people here in this fold are aware of that fact that even the path that was here was created by that man. I was not worried. The Holy mother was not worried. But many members here were worried. He made some temporary fence with sticks but members here went and uprooted those sticks. He claimed ownership of that land but I told them that nobody should get worried because there is a provision for that by law. I sent the manager to him to tell him to make an estimate of what he had spent on that land and I was ready to pay him double. And when the man got to him he said he would not do anything until he has written to his brother at Kaduna. But before then he had started building on the land, and the building had gone far, three months have passed, he never wrote to anybody at Kaduna. And when I found out that he was playing on our intelligence, I asked that he be allowed to continue with his job. I told him: “I have dashed you the land, the piece of land I have is sufficient unto me.”

This man was a member of the Apostolic Church. He said he cannot come to Brotherhood. Pressure mounted to such an extent that the people of Efut gave us £15.00 to sue the man and pursue that case in the law court. But one of our brothers told them that Brotherhood does not sue people to court. The lawyer told them that if Brotherhood does not sue that man, the people of Efut should sue Brotherhood and claim the land. On hearing that I started dancing and expressing my joy because I was ready for such things. I do tell you that I use a life tortoise to consult my oracle. The things I teach you are what I have practiced already. But to you it is difficult. I am not telling you that this thing was done by Okon, or the other one was done by Jesus or Mary but they are done by this Olumba standing before you.

The man continued until the building reached a stage where it was only doors and windows that were left to be installed. Many people who were here at that time saw that house. Another thing that was left to be done was flooring. One find day I sent for the man. When he came I blessed him and gave him feast to eat. I asked him that if he had no money to complete the building, he should let me know because I was prepared to help him financially to complete the building and if it means getting money from a member of Brotherhood for him I will not fail to do that. I further asked him about what he does for a living, whether he was finding things easy and if not so he should let me know. I told him that I have dashed him that piece of land which belongs to Brotherhood that we were satisfied with what we had.

When the man got home he sent somebody to go and tell one sister called Eka Nne Ubo that he was wondering whether he was going to be killed, and he would not want that land again. The man said, as the sister mentioned above later narrated, that he thought the Holy Father was seeking audience with him via his call so as to discuss how the issue of the land would be resolved, but only to be told by the Father to take the land gratis. He said that he does not want to get involved in the land issue nor would he want the land again. He said that the Father should take the land and offer whatever he was going to offer. That was the end of the matter. I regard you to be big fools, mad men and dead people. When I see you get annoyed I always laugh at you because I realize that you are dead already. Do you know that by being angry that you are dead? You all are dead because you are angry. Let our first lesson be read. I do not say that whosoever is angry shall die but is dead already.



Before that time I was told I will not be able to acquire any land at Ikeja (Lagos State) unless I go there by myself and make concrete negotiations but I said firmly that I would stay here and get a land at Ikeja. Immediately that man finished his own another brother sprang up and dashed out a piece of land. That was why I said since I have a mighty plot at Ikeja that this other man should take his share. I gave thanks to the Father and did not bother. I did that wholeheartedly because I knew what it meant, I know the meaning and the attendant reward which comes to whoever does not get angry. That is what people refer to as “Obu’s mysterious witchery power.” Do you now know what is involved? I am not always bothered because I know what the outcome of such events will be and what will happen to you. I have no problem. That is why since 14th February 1942 I made that declaration nobody has challenged it. How could I become angry when I know the attendant ills of anger. God forbid such a thing should occur to me. Once you are angry you are finished. Read the first lesson. This year I have to expatiate on this gospel much more than I have been doing in the past years, because the gospels are in stages.

There is no disappointment or ill-luck in what I am telling you, only if you will shun anger. If you are not angry you will meet with success everyday of your life. If you continue to be angry you shall meet with failures throughout your life. This gospel further confirms that spiritual chorus you used to sing there thus: “Olumba is a winner man… Satan is a loser-man.” Let the first lesson be read so that you may know your stand, and that which kills you though you say it is witches, wizards, fetishes and juju which cause your afflictions. Are your eyes not opened by now?


But I say unto you, that whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgement; and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, thou fool, shall be in danger of hellfire.”



Of all the points indicated in that passage which one does not connect with you, is there anybody in this hall who is not a party to either of these three points? You curse people indiscriminately. You say woe unto somebody, call others fools and charge them to get away from you; meanwhile you are doing these things with anger. If you are angry it means you are a wanted person. Whosoever is angry is dead. I do not say he shall die because he is dead already. If you say to somebody thou fool, it means you have put yourself under the judgment of the Sanhedrin; if you say to somebody woe unto you, it means fire will consume you.

As soon as you commit these sins there is no room for forgiveness and you do not need to beg for pardon. Even then, you will claim that somebody has done one thing or the other to you. Nobody has done anything to you. It is locally said that: “It is the mouth of the monkey that kills the monkey.” The Holy Spirit has come to dwell with man, but each time he finds out that you are angry he will go away from you for good. The only thing which kills the spirit is anger. Anger impoverishes you, makes you ugly, takes away your fortunes, and all good things that would come your way are shattered and cast away: and God will desert you completely. At such a level you do not have any good thing in this life and the life to come because already you are dead.



What cause Cain to kill his brother (Abel)? Is it not anger? God accepted Abel’s sacrifice and not his (Cain’s), and because of that Cain got infuriated. Abel’s wife was more beautiful than his wife that was also the reason he killed his brother. If you are not angry can you commit sin? If you are not angry you can not tell lies, hate people, steal, fornicate, curse and abuse, nor speak ill against people; at such a status you will succeed in all what you do. If you advise anybody on what he should do the person will be saved. This is because God is at work. Peace and good things will abound; growth, prosperity and wealth will be yours because the Father is in you and you are in Him. Because of that no evil will get nearer to you and you will have nothing to do with sin. When you knock your head you receive grace; and when you kneel you receive peace.

If you have been trying your hands on a certain woman and she would not have your hand in love, do not worry yourself. Any day you have the information that she is at loggerheads with her husband, immediately submit your application to her and at that point in time it will stand approved because at that time she is being threatened, you appear as another lover. Immediately, she will be inclined towards you.



Recall when Moses went to the top of the mountain to receive the tablet containing the ten commandments from the angel, and it took him forty days and forty nights to accomplish that task. But on returning he found that the Israelites had made unto themselves and worship another god. What did he do? He forgot completely the rigors he passed through to get the tablet but out of anger he broke it into pieces. He was doing himself more harm than good. Olumba is not like that. I am not so impatient. I have not come to do such a thing. I am cool-headed in whatever I do. When you get back home, may be you have your own Bible separate from ours (according to you), read what Christ has told you. You will find that the Lord Jesus Christ has told you that whosoever is angry with his brethren is under judgment. Moses said whosoever kills is under judgment; but Christ said whosoever is angry with his brethren is a murderer.

Why does the second lesson say: “Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.” That is the panacea. He has started to bless us. Whenever you are angry the words that proceed out of your mouth are evil, and you will lose your senses; and whatever you say at such a time will make no sense and is useless. That is how to avoid condemnation, you should be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath, and within two minutes such a thing will pass away and you will have a peace of mind. It is such a good and enjoyable thing to do.



An angry man is likened unto a loaded and corked gun held by somebody behind you, it can explode any time. To such a person I cannot eat your food, nor sleep inside the same room with you, because you are a decomposed dead body. My life hinges on this one thing. There is nothing somebody can do to get me moved to the extent of becoming angry because I am aware of the attendant ills of anger. I have no problems at all. I am aware that anger is Satan, but that you do not know yourselves that is why you are angry at all times. As soon as your thing is better than that of a few other people they will declare that you have concoction, juju or diabology. They will say all sort of things against you, so as to detract and cause you not to do good. This is only bitter jealousy by members of the public. All what they are out for is to spoil that good thing of yours. You do not have to mind such detractors.

Watch carefully, if a woman marries a husband only to be divorced when she least expected nor was ready to quit, such a husband will get it hot from the woman. She will go round telling people “0! I have left that reprobate, adulterer, fornicator, he intended using me for rituals, he is a miser, I am really saved now.” She goes out to many places preaching the same gospel. And I ask. Why did you stay in that house for so long as twenty years and even when you discovered how bad that man was?

You are only forced to say such fallacies because of anger and such are vain babblings. Do not listen to such statement. That is why I have no regards for any person who is angry. Whoever is angry I will put him into fervent prayers for God to re-inject life into him again because he is dead already. Any time such a person will be peaceful, calm, quiet, and generous and stay without anger things will change gradually and finally take good footings. If man shall be forgiven and given salvation for committing any other type of sin, whoever is angry shall hardly be saved. Anger is the flag-bearer of all other evils. Anger is the precursor of others vices. And as soon as you are angry whatever you do will not bring you any good.



It is anger that pushes somebody into drinking. The scripture says that wine should be given to the poor so that they may drink and forget their woes. But those who take drinks believe that by so doing anger will be quelled. That is not true. If you find some body frolicking around realize that it is anger that causes him to do that; may be his wife is not good to him and because of that he goes out to look for another woman who may give him peace. In spite of all what he does he has no peace of mind. If you have a good wife then you will not look for another woman, neither will you admire any other woman. It will be a matter of each person going his or her way and doing whatever they feel is good.

But lastly they will attribute the cause to witch, wizard, ghost or fetish. None of those things is the cause. That is why this gospel is given to you today. Do not doubt nor argue because it is true and faithful. If you become angry and curse people or say woe unto somebody all what you say will boomerang. You are true witnesses to the fact that there is no other person in this world who can deliver this type of teaching to you. The whites do not know. This explains why I refute the saying that the whites are civilized. IF they were to be civilized would they be angry? Would they produce and pick up ammunition against others? The blacks as well have not knowledge. If you reject the words imparted unto you today realize that your twenty years in Brotherhood has no meaning.

If you are angry realize that you are in danger, you can neither receive any good from the hands of God nor enter into this kingdom. Your dreams will be nightmarish; you would always see evil and speak evil if you are angry and whether the whole of this house, the world and the fullness thereof is bestowed to you, you will shun everything. Your heart, eyes, ears and other members of your body cannot instigate any trouble on their own. The problem is caused by anger. Once anger gets into your mind other members of your body will be shattered. Once you are angry even for one second, realize that the charcoal is whiter and cleaner than your heart both spiritually and physically. A great many people are not used to anger, this explains why if they are infuriated they will become completely emaciated, sick blind and weak. Brethren I do not intend to take you far even though we are moving a bit further. The solution has come now.



Right from this hour, whether it is your wife or husband who speaks or does anything; whether the church or any person does anything; be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath. If somebody does anything and you hear it swiftly, feign ignorance and do not vex. Such attitude works like magic and that matter will die a natural death. At such a point you triumph and become exalted.

And so brethren, 1991 brings about prosperity, love, upliftment, changes, glories and wealth unto the inhabitants of the world. I tell you vehemently that from this year you will practice the word or God. You will only be swift to hear, and slow to wrath. When somebody does something, instead of you to overlook what he does you publicly tell him: “Look at what you have done, wait and see what will happen.” May be after saying that the following day that person dies. What will be your fate. All the people who heard you say such a thing will confirm that you are the cause of that person’s demise. It becomes absolutely difficult to save yourself from this type of problem. Moreover, when something happens in your compound, may be your house was burglarized; the police will ask to know whom you have suspected, if there was somebody who had vowed to deal with you, you will point at him as somebody suspected to have burglarized your house. And the police will arrest him. But if you do not bandy words with anybody, if you do not get offended nor quarrel with any person, who will suspect you in such a circumstance? Where you are not found wanting in making careless speeches and pick up quarrels then nobody will have cause to suspect you.

It is anger and the words we speak that keep us where we are. Whether you are angry or not, do you know what you say? Your mouth is not locked; that is why you say whatever you like. Because you do not mind what speech you make before people, your foe will use your words and set trap for you.



Sometimes you go to somebody’s house and say: “One day I will set this house ablaze.” But miraculously one day that house is set on fire. Who do you think will be suspected? All the people who heard when you made that statement will stand as witnesses. May be you made such statement out of anger but it came to pass; what would you say in defense of yourself? And truly speaking you are the cause of that fire outbreak because by saying that you will set the house on fire, that word has manifested. This explains why you cannot escape the aftermath. Whoever is given to speaking restlessly is meant to tell a lot of lies. The fact is that by the time he finishes talking he has forgotten a lot of what he said initially. Hence he tells lies. But if you do not speak at length you will not tell many lies. By talking too much you sell out yourself through the words of your mouth, because you will tell everybody our secrets and reveal it unto friends, and before you know it, you have disgraced yourself.

Brethren, all injunctions given by God lead to life eternal. That is why you are charged from today that you should be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath. At times somebody may open up talks with you. Maybe he wants to betray you, and will say a lot of things before you. But the little response you give by saying a few things, you find yourself where you did not expect. Sometimes it may end you in jail. A great many people have fallen prey to those types of people.



Take this kingdom into consideration, somebody has been indebted to you, and has been deceiving you. Maybe you have a friend in this kingdom too. You complain to him thus: “look, that your brother has so deceived me, he owes me some money and does not want to defray his debt.” The person you complain to will ask for his name and when mentioned he will say: “leave such a person, he is nobody in BCS, even the Father does not want to see him.” And the man will retort thus: “No wonder he has behaved that way with me.” Off he goes, And before you know he will start at the door post calling the name of the person, Ikwo! have you heard what Okon has said about you; that the Father does not want you at all; that you have been excommunicated from Brotherhood. At that moment you will see that the fire has been ignited and fight will ensue.

You cannot deny that you did say it. After all you did say it. That same person will tease both of you: “O! so you do not have love in your fold for one another? Why should that man behave that way, why should he report you to me.” At such a point will the man he met first, not become exasperated? In the end there will be a fight. That is why the Bible tells you to be swift to hear but slow to speak. Right from today whether you like it or not your mouth and heart has been put under lock and key and are properly controlled. You will not be flippant nor be angry any longer. You are God’s children, that is why you should leave everything to the Father. These two phenomena have caused a lot of problems in the world. I do not intend to take you long let our golden text be read. This is why I tell you that our Lord Jesus Christ is the only way; and you have the way he give the final solution which takes away the problems caused by anger to mankind. This is the final panacea to all you problems.


“Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, until seven times; but until seventy times seven.”


Have you heard that? That is the only remedy which brings to us salvation. But when you are offended by any person, do not impute sins to him, do not be angry, this is what Christ teaches you. This explains why he said: “It is finished.” From the time our Lord Jesus Christ crucified the flesh and its lusts on the cross, it is not wise that anybody should be angry any longer. If you do not look unto anything as evil and sinful then you are free. If you are free when would you have time to be exasperated, talk at random, leer at somebody, lend ears to evil talks nor hear such obscene statement at all.

What caused anger? It is when you begin to find faults in people, when you impute sins to people and disagree with what somebody does, then you will be troubled at heart. But if you do not find faults in people’s life, will you have cause to be angry? The Creator is here. He has created his things and has kept them where they belong. The Son is here. He has his own angels. What business do you have with God’s scheme of things. Whatever somebody does must you not intrude. You do not have to be angry with anybody because all the things you find in the world are good. Do you know that to impute sins to anybody that you have committed the sin worthy of death? and your sins are greater than that of that man? Christ said to Peter: “I say not unto thee until seven times, but seventy times seven.” Who is he that can offend a fellow man for so many times in one day? Christ has not told you to be angry when somebody offends you. Even though you can endure until the time specified realize that the extent of your forgiveness should be inexhaustible.

Christ said though the mouth of Apostle Paul: “I do not know what justifies me, nor do I know what condemns me but does not justify me; but do not prejudge till the Lord comes, who will reveal what was hidden to all.” Do not find faults in people; do not impute sins to others; and once you impute sins to people your heart will be troubled, and that is what brings about anger.



Did he not say on that eventful day on the cross of Calvary: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” As God had forgiven us, we have to forgive one another as well. God has forgiven all our shortcomings; we have to forgive one another. Do not impute sins to people. Whatever somebody does to you, do not look at it as sinful and then will you be victorious. What offense has the other person committed that you have not committed more? All of us are boasters, angry people, liars, tricksters, haters, juju doctor, necromancers, and we do all sorts of things and see ourselves better than others. We claim that when we do any good to anybody we are paid back with the wrong coin. All of us anchor our complaints on this same thing, and thereafter declare that nobody loves us. If we impute sins to one another it means we do not believe in God. And because we do not practice the word of God we incur the wrath of God on ourselves. As you see me here, I have never known what is called evil or sins; I do not see it nor do it, and I do not impute sins to anybody. If I were to impute sins to you, will there be anybody left here?

If you are angry it means you have crucified our Lord Jesus Christ a second time, hence you do not believe that he died for the remission of our sins. He propitiated on behalf of all sinners so that sins could not be imputed to any person. You claim to be Christians, yet you are imputing sins to somebody and gossiping about him; what sort of Christian do you think you are? From today if you forgive one another as the Lord forgives you, anger, problem and other predicaments will desert you and peace shall remain with you as it remains with me.

It is said that one stroke of the cane is sufficient to the wise. I do not intend to take you any further. He that has ears let him hear. May God bless His Holy Words. AMEN!




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