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First Bible Lesson: Matthew 11:27
“All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him.”

Second Bible Lesson: Matthew 6:9
“After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.”

Golden Text: Matthew 23:9
“And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.”

The intricacies of this Kingdom are not clear to you? This week is called the Father’s Week but where are His children? Brethren, I do not blame you because it has always been like this and will continue like that till eternity. You have heard that whom the Father loves He reveals the Son unto him. Except also when the Son loves to reveal the Father unto. You have been told not to call man on earth father. Upon all the persons you refer to as father, you have only one Father.
When you are told that the Father wants you, do not ask which Father because there is only one Father. We have many brothers and sisters but we have only one Father. Whenever you hear Father, it is that One Father who is calling you.
If the whole Brotherhood had known what Father means, all the inhabitants of the world would have known what to do. We use earthly things to illustrate heavenly things.

The word of God says if you do not love your brother whom you have seen, how can you love God whom you do not see?(1 John 4:20). That is why in all things the Father uses earthly situations to illustrate heavenly situations. He says whoever honors the Son also honors the Father. (John 5:23)
If you cast your minds back, you will realize that the Father’s Week has never been kept at any point in time because no person has ever known the Father.
The whole world and even members of the Brotherhood regard this week as a very insignificant week. The women will say that the week belongs to the men and that they had the Mother’s Week. And I ask how many Fathers have you got? If all the brothers and sisters had realized what is meant by “Father’s Week” not even the children would have been left out of this gathering.

The one and the most significant work which Our Lord Jesus Christ did was to reveal the Father. The greatest work which Brotherhood has done in this generation is worshipping the Father and setting aside one whole week to celebrate the manifestation of the Father.
It is not just lip-service but a means of rejoicing with Him and glorifying Him throughout this month and throughout this year by all the inhabitants of the world so that all creations may realize that the Father has come.
This is the week set aside for the Father who sent the son. The Father to whom Our Lord Jesus Christ was always referring to as “Father, Father” which prompted Philip to ask Him, “show us the Father.” And now, that Father has been revealed to you.
The whole Brotherhood would celebrate this week amidst songs, feasts, dancing, charities; in offices, at homes, in the Bethels and everywhere until the whole world acclaims that they have really seen the Father. Because this is His reign.
Did our Lord Jesus Christ not tell you about the Father? Did He not bear witness to the father? Right from his infancy, when he was twelve years of age, he was always calling on the father. He bore witness to the Father. When they went to the feast in Jerusalem, he was only twelve years old and his earthly parents left him behind after the feast. He went and sat in the temple with the doctors of law, the lawyers, the priests and the Scribes. (Luke 2:46). He was asking them questions and answering theirs. That was a child of twelve. Did they know that that was the Son?

He is the son of man, son of the Father and the Father Himself. There is a local adage that a child starts his delicacies with a snail. Because if he had said that He is God, then people would have rent their clothes.
From Genesis to Malachi, you will not find any portion where God is referred to as Father. Abraham did not know him as the Father. But earthly things are used to illustrate heavenly things and so Abraham was called “Father Abraham.” He is used in the illustration because he was the “friend” of God. He became God’s representative. That is how the Name “Father” came to be known. But the substance of that name is what you now have.

This is the time of the Father. This is the generation of the Father. Jesus said unto them, “Did ye never read in the Scriptures, the stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the Corner? This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes?”(Matt 21:42). “Therefore say I unto you, that this Kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.” (Matt 21:43). I am telling you that Our Lord Jesus Christ was bearing witness to this glory.

He said: “when the Father shall come, He will reveal all things unto you because He will glorify me. He will testify of me because I bore witness to Him. For all that belong to the Father belong to me. (John 16:15). There is no division between them. He bore witness to the Father and the Father bore witness to him and therefore, his glory is revealed fully. Any house which is divided against itself cannot stand. The Father and the Son are One. There is no division among them. And all that belongs to the Father also belongs to the Son and all that belongs to the Son also belongs to the Father. That is why whoever honors the Son also honors the Father, and all those who honor the Father, honor the Son also. That is why the Son bestowed all glories to the Father. The father is not worried because He knows that all the glory is His Son’s. The Father himself has bestowed all glory unto the Son and you will wonder what then remains for the Father? I am telling you that all the glory still belongs to the Father.

It is said that whoever speaks of himself seeks his own glory. (John 7:18) Since you are seeking your own glory, that is why you speak of yourself. If the Father is not known, how can you be known? And if you are not known, how can He be known? Can you realize the wisdom of God?
He came and declared that He was the Son. He did not claim that He is the Father. He called Himself the son of earth. That is why the Jews wanted to kill Him: that He being a man should regard Himself as God. They did not know Him.
If you bear witness to yourself your witness is not true but if another person bears witness to you that testimony is true. Your problem is that you complain that in your family you are the only light. When you say this you have disgraced God. Our problem is that wherever we go we continue to boast of having the power to do one thing or the other. Have you got this power? You have failed. If you bear witness of another person, people will believe your testimony but when you bear witness to yourself people will not pay any attention to you.
You should realize that there was nothing at the beginning. The world was empty and void and without form. (Gen 1:2). He then created the earth, the heavens, the sun, the moon and the stars. He made the trees, the fishes in water, the birds and the animals in the forest.

Finally, (and can you realize how kind, generous and unselfish God is?) He said, let us create man in our own image and in our own likeness. (Gen 1:26). If you were God you would have created man in the lowest position because you want man to be your servant.
Yet, after creating man, He said, “let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” Tell me what else is remaining for God?
Any person who speaks of himself and arrogates to himself any power will be looked at despitefully, but when you tell people that they are beautiful and wealthy and kind, the people will begin to applaud you not knowing that you are talking about yourself.
If you do not give glory to someone, who will give glory to you? If you do not love somebody who will be obedient unto you? It is God alone who has all the virtues.
Do not observe how he has glorified the stone because God Himself is the Stone. Have you ever heard any person who starts counting with the number one? You have to start from zero, then one, two three and so on.
That explains why He told Cain and Abel to offer sacrifices to Him. (Gen 4:4-8). He himself did not seek for these sacrifices, but He wanted to test them.

From the beginning people worshipped whatever they liked. Whoever worshipped a stone was regarded as worshipping God. Whosoever worshipped fire was regarded as worshipping God because God himself is fire. When you do evil, fire will consume you because God is a consuming fire.
When an angel operates people will accept an angel as God but thereafter, they will be advanced to the next stage of evolution. The names called by people as Flohim Jah, Jove are names of angels. They were at one time revealed unto us. God himself says he would come as a Prophet. When he comes as a prophet we would not know that God has come but when he departs we regret his coming.

Hezekiah was sick of abscess but turned to God for help that God should remember what he did for him at his youth. God advised him to use the leaves of a tree to cure the abscess and God extended his life for the next 15 years. (2 Kings 20:5-11).
There has never been a time when any person starts to worship God and admits that what he worships is God. He has to start by worshipping trees, stones and the inanimate objects. When you go and trace the evolution of religion you will realize that man started by worshipping stones, trees, roots, leaves and other inanimate objects.
That is why He told Adam, eat of all the trees in the Garden except this one; and from there He started teaching them about Himself. You will then realize how difficult His way is. This is the very last generation, the end of time.

First Bible Lesson: Matthew 11:27
“All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father: neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and He to whomsoever the Son will reveal Him.”

Brethren, have you heard that? He says my Father has delivered all things unto me. No one knows the Son except the Father and no man knows the Father except the Son, and whomsoever the Son will reveal Him.
Is that statement not fulfilled today? Philip asked Our Lord: “show us the Father. (John 14:8-10). And I ask why is it that right from Adam no man has known the Father? Every person calls Him Jehovah, but Jehovah is an Angel. When you hear that Abraham saw God, he only saw an angel. They worshipped angels and rocks and trees, and the winds. When God created Adam how would it sound if God had told him: “Adam you are God.” He should worship himself.
What would be the meaning of that? Who would ever greet another person in this world? Who would ever have regard for another person? He has given us an injunction to love one another and this implies that something important was on the way. The thing that lies ahead is you, yourself.

We have an adage that the fame of a man is more efficacious than his person. Do you not realize that the fame is greater than what we see? When you hear stories of a famous person you desire to see him. When you see him, what is he? He is nothing. His greatness consists in the fame that people spread. I want you to experiment on what I am going to tell you. Tomorrow morning send out somebody to deliver a message to another person. Tell your servant to tell him that his master says he should take action on the instruction at once. The moment the person receives this message, even if he is a lawyer he will begin to shake because he does not know what the master of this servant looks like and how he came to know him.
When you send out somebody in this way, you will look big in the eyes of the person who receives the message. But when you go out to meet the fellow and tell him that you are the person who had been sending the message to him, the person will begin to gather himself, and express surprise because he has known you all the time. And from that day your reputation is gone.

That is why you are not to glorify your own self or speak of your own self. You have to bear testimony of another person. If you should go out and proclaim to people that someone is coming from Lagos who will preach to them and take away all their problems and sickness and that you yourself are nothing, people will turn out in large numbers. As a matter of fact when that person comes, wonders will happen because they have already believed in him and so the glory of God will be revealed. And if this person in turn tells them that he has not done anything because the one greater than him is coming, they will ask “is there a greater person than this one?” He is the person we want!
That is exactly how God lives His own life in this kingdom. It is He Himself who is doing all these things. That is why when John came he said he was nothing: that another person who was preferred before him was coming. He is so great that he John, was not worthy to untie the latchet of his shoes. (Luke 3:16). He was the same God.

The Christ in turn said of all men born of woman, there is none that is greater than John except he who is least in the kingdom of heaven. Can you notice this? John is bearing witness to Jesus and Jesus also is bearing witness to John.
Finally Our Lord Jesus Christ told them “Verily, verily I say unto you whoever believes in me will do the works that I do and greater works than these will he do because I go unto the Father.” (John 14:12).
He also told them that the Comforter who is also the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name will teach you all things and lead you unto the accurate wisdom of the truth and He shall also bring to your remembrance all that I have told you. (John 14:26).

And so every person was waiting eagerly for the coming of that Comforter. We have another proverb which says. “An old thing is your own thing, and a new thing is a thing of joy.” And so all of us are eager to hear new doctrines, because you will hear people telling you to go away with stale news. They are fed up and want something new. The new thing is a thing of joy that is why God always renews Himself. He is always new with a new name. But He is the same one.
And so when John taught his disciples to pray, the disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ also went to him and told him “Teach us how to pray even as John taught his disciples.” (Luke 11:1). Remember the word which he said: that the Father has given everything unto him; that no person knows the Son except the Father and that no one knows the Father except the Son and to whomsoever the Son would reveal him. He also says I and the Father are one. (John 10:30). Did he not reveal the Father to the whole world? The greatest work which Our Lord Jesus Christ did which no person had ever done was to reveal God as the Father.

During the conversation of Our Lord Jesus Christ with the woman of Samaria, she said unto Him “Our Fathers worshipped in this mountain: and ye say, that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship. Jesus said unto her: Woman, believe me, the hour cometh when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. Ye worship ye know not what, we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour cometh, and now is when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a spirit: and they that worship him, must worship him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:20-24).
This is that time referred to. The spirit referred to is the “Father.” This Father is the God who made heaven and earth. The Son is in Him. The children are in Him. The prophets are in Him. All the apostles are in Him. All the elders, all created and uncreated things are in Him because He is the Father who created the Heavens, the earth, the waters, the rocks, the winds and whatever flies and creeps.

Noah did not know Him as the Father. He worshipped Him with the name Jehovah. God is not His name. Lord, also, is not His name. His name is not Elohim. “I am that I am,” is not his name. Creator of Heaven and Earth is not His name. “Most High” is not His name. The only befitting name of God is “Father.”
What does Father mean? All spirits emanate from Him. The Head from whom all things are derived is what is referred to as Father. Everything including man, trees, fishes in the water, fire, water, power, wisdom, truth, death and everything come from Him. That is why He is called “Father.”
When you call God you should realize that there are gods. The word God is a mere semantic. The spelling is g-o-o-d which is good. One ‘O’ is omitted and it is being called God. And so the word “G-o-d” has no meaning again. It is a terminological inexactitude.
I am not criticizing them. I am only correcting them. This is the time of perfection and so imperfection must pass away; because half education is a very dangerous thing. I do not blame Adam, I do not blame Eve. I do not blame Enoch or Moses. I do not blame any person because that was their level of understanding. Those who worshipped trees have not sinned because they were worshipping the God of some kind. Those who were worshipping water as God have done no wrong. It is the same God.

But now is the fullness of time for all the trees, the waters and everything to worship the Father who is the Father of all creation because this is His reign. Since He created stones, He is the Father of stones. He is the Father of the waters. He is the Father of man. He is the Father of the animals. He is the Father of the winds and sun and earth. He is the Father of everything. And so we know Him only as the Father. Let the second lesson be read.

Second Bible Lesson: Matthew 6:9
“After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.”

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Brethren, what have you learnt from that? Did any person ever impart this kind of teaching, revealing God as the Father? Do you know that you dishonor God when you call another person father? Begin to trace the genealogy of your father; it ends with Adam. And who is the Father of Adam? Is He not God? Why not call a spade a spade?
This is the time to call a spade by its name. The movement of the Israelites from Egypt during the deliverance to Canaan was parabolic. They wondered for 40 years.
Right from the time of Adam count the number of years up to date, yet people have not known God. You can now realize that His way is mysterious.
People go to the sun to search for God. Some go to the moon. They go into water, they go into the deeps, they go to America, India and everywhere, but was He lost? Here He is. He is the Father. The Father who art in heaven.
Our Lord Jesus Christ said that He was sent by the Father. I am going back to the Father because the Father is greater than I. (John 14:28). But today no person seeks after the Father they rather seek for Jesus. No person asks “where is the Father? When will the Father come?” You continue to ask “When will Jesus come again?” Oh Jesus the Son of God! But about God Himself, is He not the Father?

God sent Moses as a prophet and when Moses died the people wept for one full month complaining that their God was dead. (Deut 34:8). They did not wait unto God who sent Him, the one who did those works. Can you realize the stupidity of man? But God wanted to show them their foolishness and so raised up Joshua. And Joshua did greater works than Moses, even then, they did not learn. (Joshua 1:1-3).

It is written that we are laborers together in the vineyard of God. (1 Cor 3;9). We are God’s building. We are God’s husbandry. We are God’s vineyard. You are walking and working with God. You are the vineyard He has planted. Therefore, He is the Father. Have you not heard that the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and His Christ? (Rev 11:15). He is the Father. He is the great Father who lives in you.
It is said that the dwelling place of God is now with men: And he shall be their God and they shall be His children. (Rev 21:3). Right now there is no other name. Do not call any man on earth father. Do not contemplate it in your heart. He alone is the Father.

Jehovah God is not His name. His name is not Christ. Elohim is not His name. His name is the “Father” simpliciter. He had allowed all those names so that you may realize that He has neither bias nor discrimination. He gives the leaves their own glory. He gives water the glory that belongs to it. The same with the fire.
But now He has confiscated all the glories unto Himself. And so you may go to Him and tell Him to heal you. He can direct you to go and wash three times in water, and you will be well. But you begin to argue that since he has come in person he should touch you and you will be well. Just go and you are well, so that that water may be glorified.
Now you may just end your ministry work only to be told to go on ministry work in Lagos. Go to Surulere and pray there. Pay your tithe and your problems are taken away. You begin to argue “but the Father is here what have I to do in Surulere?” I say you should go. Before you get there and complete what you were instructed, all your problems are over and you become well.
You may be told to go and meet one small boy in Ikot town who will pray for you. And you argue and ask what a small boy can pray, that you want a senior prophet or the Father to place his hands on you and pray. That small boy is the Father. Go to him and all things are well.

Sometimes He will tell you to go and pray in the Bethel. Observe dry-fasting for one day and your problems are solved. You will argue that you were in the Bethel on fasting yesterday. Just go and do same. If you do what He tells you, your problems will be over.
Everything is by the Father. That is why He has taught the whole world: “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.” Who is the Father who is in heaven, is it not this same Father? Have we hallowed His name?
It behooves the children of God to worship and honor His name. Everywhere, every person should dance and rejoice and give alms generously because this is His reign. Have you ever heard of any person who practices the injunction: “Let us honor your name – our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name?”
The whole Brotherhood has to honor His name. All the inhabitants of the world should hallow His own name. Fishes in the waters, trees in the forest, animals in the bush, angels, spirit, everything created by God should all hallow the name of the Father.

You have heard what is said, that no person knows the Son except the Father, and no person knows that Father except the Son and whomsoever the Son will reveal Him.
Search from Genesis through the Revelation of John, search throughout the world, search through the ages: have you ever heard of the Father’s Week? Have you read of it in the Bible? Is it recorded in history? Have you heard it mentioned in the world? Throughout the whole universe this is the first time such a week has ever been mentioned. I have never heard of it myself. It is said that six days belong to the thief and the seventh belongs to the farmer.
God has never revealed this week at any point in time. He kept it and reserved it is to be celebrated at this time by all inhabitants of the world. The concept of Father’s Week is not clear to many of you. You think the Father is man? He is not man but Father, the Father who created the heavens and the earth.

It is said, but for your Father would you know your mother and but for your mother would you have come into this world? Whose glory is it then? It is the Father’s glory. Now the men folk know no better than to put on their suits and drive their long cars and speak their Queen’s English. But they have never known of the Father’s Week as it is being revealed today.
Many people think that the Father’s Week refers to the Father who begot the Leader. Okay, how did the Leader come to this place? How did that other person who begot the Leader come about? Finally, what we have is Father. Our Father which is in Heaven is the one we are referring to, the One who made heaven and earth and the fullness of them. Therefore, we should all worship and honor Him. Trace the genealogy of the father that begot the Leader. That father, who was his father? And finally you will end with Adam. And so it is that other who made Adam and Eve that we are talking about. This is His Week.
The Roman Catholics have different days and festivals for saints and what have you; but there has never been a thing like Father’s Week, Father’s Day, Father’s month or Father’s year. But from today, “The Father’s Week” has to be observed forever and ever.

It has no other meaning apart from Father’s Week. I want this gospel to be published so that if any person asks you what is Father’s Week you hand this gospel to him. “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.” That is exactly what we are doing. There is no other thing. If you bring in another father you are doomed. In which other way can we reveal the Father except in this way.
When somebody asks you “What are you doing?” You tell him that you are celebrating the Father’s Week. And he asks “which Father?” How many Fathers have you? This Father’s Week embraces all the governments. The trees, the rocks, angels, winds, fishes, created and uncreated things, all have a share in it. There is no man who is the father. There is no tree that is the Father. There is no angel that is the Father. There is no wind or fish or animal that is the Father except Him alone that is the Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.
If you call any man “Father” you have erred. You cannot refer to Adam as your Father. If you do that you have erred. The Bible will tell you that Adam was the son of God and Our Lord Jesus Christ was also the Son of God, the Father that created Adam and Eve, the Father that sent our Lord Jesus Christ, He is the Father. He is the one and only Father.
Adam was the begotten Son of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself was that one Son. You yourself are that one Son. Even if you fill the whole world, including trees and animals, all are that one son. Therefore we all should worship Him and serve Him. This the time of His glory and so we must worship Him.

You can call God or Jehovah. We know He is not the one. If you call Elohim, He is not Him. But when you mention Father that is it. Do you ask questions? Do you argue? Bow down and worship. There is nothing like God-Father. It is only one Father, and He is for all the heavens and earth.
This is the time of His glory and so we all should give glory to Him. Do not call any person by that name. Do not even refer to any person as your stepfather.
Do you not realize how wise the whites are? They call the parent “Daddy.” The whites have gone very far. Have you ever herd them call their parent Father? They will not, because they know that there is only one Father. But the blacks will call even somebody they have never known father because he is an old man. Afterwards they will refer to another person as their carnal father. Does it mean that there are two “Fathers?”
You can call him “daddy, papa, brother” that is all that is accepted. That could also be alright. But make no mistake in calling him, father, for we have only but one Father. This is the Father’s day: this is His week; this is His month, and days ahead.
This is the time of His glory and so we all should give glory to Him. Do not call any person by that name. Do not even refer to any person as your stepfather.

You are His child. Every person is His own child. Who then should you call the father amongst his children. That would be a blasphemous statement. Our Lord Jesus Christ had taught that you should call no man upon the earth, teacher: that you call no man father. (Matt 23:9).There is only one Father who is in heaven.
All that you had done, the Father has forgiven you. Read also Forgiveness is the key to Godliness. Right from today, the 25th day of November, 1985, that it has been revealed from the highest heaven to the four corners of the world, both angels and human beings, no more make the mistake of calling any man, Father, so that you may not be consumed. Wherever you come across the word father, you have to be fearful, for there is no deputy but the Father alone exists.
You have to hallow that Name. You have to fear that Name, and to bow down to it. At any time, the name is being mentioned, you have to realize that He is the One.

Why I have been shown the second lesson is because that prayer is often offered by all the church denominations. The prayer is. “Our Father who is in heaven, hallowed be thy name.” If at any time you call on the Father, and you are asked, “which Father,” you have to refer the inquirer to Matthew 6:9.
Tell the person that you are calling on that Father. If the person insists, refer him to the golden text. Matthew 23:9. Know ye no other man as the father. Everything emanates from the Father. This is the reign of the Father.
Brotherhood means the brethren. They are the children of this one Father, we have therefore to demonstrate, dance, and celebrate the Father’s week in a grand style.

It is said: the earnest expectation of the creature waits for the manifestation of the sons of God. When the children of God are revealed, then the Father will Himself be revealed. When the Father is revealed, then the children of God will be revealed. As the children of God, we have to honor His name. We have to reveal His name to every person. Let no one call any person Father. Wherever you go to, you have to make people know that name.
This Gospel has to be read to all to learn by heart as a recitation. You have to memorize it so that the flesh might be destroyed fully. For the glory of the Father is actually revealed. I am not the Father. No one is the Father.
There is no other father excepting the one in Heaven. He is the only Father. At anytime you address a letter to the Father, I know the person you are referring to. You are referring to the Father in heaven.

Golden Text: Matthew 23:9
“And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in Heaven.”

It is combined when it is said, God is a Spirit. That is why I tell you that the Spirit which is now here has never at any time come down. The Father has come Himself: sending no one.
The Father who is in heaven is the Father of all the Spirits: both the angels and the children, all human beings, the trees, animals, and whatever you think of. This is so because his name is “Father.”
You have to remember when an angel in heaven, an angel of deceit asked God that he should be allowed to enter into five hundred persons in order to deceive the king since he (the king) had refused to believe in God.

That is why that spirit of falsehood said, “Let me go into five hundred persons to deceive the king that he would be victorious, since he has refused to believe in God.” So that spirit came and entered into five hundred persons. And as the king went to them one by one he was told that he would be victorious in the war. Because of these other words, he turned round to blame the prophet of God, that the stupid prophet was only deceiving him. That means that he does not love me. He (the prophet) has to suffer. Wherever the king went to, he was told that he would be victorious. Five hundred people you know are not just five people. It is said, words of testimonies in the mouth of two or three confirm a fact. You can now see the words of testimonies from the mouths of five hundred people are false.

There is only one Lord, and one Father: one Spirit. All of them put together constitute the Father. Here we have only one Father. It is written boldly, “call no man upon the earth, neither in heaven, nor in the moon, nor in the sun, nor in stars, Father.” Do not wonder in thoughts. As soon as you call in the Father, realize that it is only the Father who is in Heaven.
Do not call on the Father through the name Jehovah, or God, or Elohim. Once you call on Him as the Father, it is sufficient. It is Him you are calling upon and whatever you may desire, you will have.
I do not want to hear that word “carnal Father.” What is the meaning of your carnal father? It is simply, Father. The greatest of all the names is “Father.” The holiest of all the names is “Father.” The most powerful of all the names is “Father.” The only name which surrounds, and envelops both heaven and earth is the “Father.”
The name, “Children” comes from the Father. Angels emanate from that name. All spirits, be they white, black, or yellow come from that name. The sun, the moon, the rain, fire, stones, and all other things emanate from the name “Father.” He is therefore a Father indeed.

Lay aside your insolence and honor that name: for He is the Father. Lay aside those funny names as Jehovah, Jah, Elohim, and Javel for they all emanate from Him. And none is the name of the Father. His name right from today, for which you have to decide and abide by, is simply, “Father”. When you do that, wonders will actually happen.
I believe that ever since the creation of man, this 25th day of November, 1985, is the greatest of all the days. It is a day set aside by God for Himself: in order to reveal His name, and to hallow His name. Right from now all the inhabitants of the world, both angels and human beings, must hallow the name of the Father, so that we may be saved: that we may receive blessings, and praises and the glory kept for us.

Your problems emanate from the fact that you do not know the Father, and that life eternal is to know the Father. Even though it is said that every thing should be asked in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the central figure is the Father. Therefore, at any moment you knock your head, call on the Father, thanking Him for what he has given unto you. By so doing, wonders will happen. You only have to thank Him for the life He has given unto you, and all other things will be bestowed unto you. It is not a matter of long statements. As soon as you call on the Father from your heart of hearts, wonders will surely happen. You will be healed of your sickness. You will no more be in lack. You will have many other things bestowed unto you. You will be surprised right from the day that the Father is revealed to you.

they are in the father. Our Lord Jesus Christ is in the Father. Everything is in the Father. All trees are in the Father. There is only one flock under one shepherd. There is only one Father. Therefore, there is no more problem.
When Our Lord Jesus Christ came, whom did he call? Did he ever call on Jehovah? He continued calling on the Father. At all instances, he was calling on the Father. That is why Philip was prompted to say: “show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.” (John 14:8). Our Lord Jesus Christ did not condemn but only made the correction to show that He is the Father and He is the Spirit.

He did not dispute about certain things because everything comes from the Father. But the accurate wisdom of the truth is to know Him as the Father. It is said, whoever has the Father has no problems. Whoever knows the Father has no encumbrances. Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.” All the statements of Our Lord Jesus Christ centered on the Father. (John 15:1).
Throughout this week and in the weeks ahead, you have to attribute everything to the Father both in your offices and everywhere. Say to all, both governors and others, that it is the Father who does everything. They will be forced to ask you, which Father; to which you will say, Our Father who is in Heaven.
The Father had given you an injunction, that you should love the brethren (1 Peter 2:17). This again refers to Himself. Who are the brethren spoken of? Is He not the one? It is said, Fear God. Who is God? He is the Father. You are told to honor the king. Who is the King referred to? It is also the Father.
As soon as you call on the Father, it means you have called on everything; water, fishes. Things created and uncreated are therefore included. By mere writing the word, Father, made-up of six letters of the alphabet, it means that everything is accomplished.

Simply call a spade a spade. Right from today, do not hold by the legs, neither the tail alone. But rather take hold of the head.
1st Corinthians 15:28 clearly state openly that the last enemy to be overcome is death. And when all things shall be subdued unto Him, then shall the son also himself be subject unto Him that put all things under Him, that God may be all in all. You should not know any other thing apart from the Father.
When you are asked who is singing, the answer should be, it is the Father. When you are asked the person testifying, you have to say that it is the Father. If you are asked who has healed this sickness, your answer should be the Father. Who is he that has called us? You have a reply that it is the Father. Who has changed us? It is the Father. Who is the visioner? It is the Father. Who is he that is doing every work? It is the Father.
We have a spiritual chorus which says: In the morning, it is the Father who does the work. In the afternoon, it is still the Father who does the work. And in the evening it is the Father. In the night it is the same Father who does the work.
The Father has passed through. It is He alone who passes through. The Father is still at work. As the Father likes. Right from today: whether you have been calling on the Father jovially or have been calling in ignorance, you have to know that the word “Father” is true.

Whoever does not honour the son does not honour the Father. Whoever honours the Son, equally honours the Father. If you honour the brethren, you are in effect hallowing the Father. If you honour the mother, you are honouring the Father. If you honour the father, it means you are honouring the Father.
Anything you do unto the children, you are doing unto the Father. Remember that angel whom John wanted to worship had to say, “see thou do it not to me but to the Father, for I am your fellow servant, and of thy brethren the prophets”. It is the Father whom you have to worship.” (Rev 19:10). That time of foolishness had past; the time whereby men worshipped funny things. This is the time for the glorification of God. The glory of the Father has been revealed already.
God does not only exist today. From today, you have to reveal the Father to everyone. You have to reveal the Father everywhere until even the blind will be forced to ask, who is the Father. At that point, this gospel has to be shown to him. You have been revealed as the sons, and He has been revealed as the Father.

Here in Brotherhood, He is known as the Father, and you as the children. That is because the son has revealed the Father to all the inhabitants of the world as the Father. Call no other person Father. The Father Himself has revealed His children, His Christ, that all the inhabitants of the world are His children. You are therefore the sons of brethren. Can you not realize that if all the inhabitants of the world believe in the Father, that they have also believed in the Son? Every person believes that all the inhabitants of the world are the children of God and that they are Brotherhood, it means that they have also believed in the Father as the father of all.

In the days past, we have revealed you as Brotherhood, but there has never been this type of revelation, whereby the Father is being revealed as the father, creator of heaven and earth.
He can make and unmake. The Father does not start anything as the son but as the Father. Listen attentively and you will understand that the Father does not speak as does the son. He does not speak as a prophet; neither does he speak as an angel. He does not speak as a messenger, but simply as the Father. He has taken complete dominion of all of you.
The one who dwells in you is the Father and not the Son. The Father and the Son are one. Once you see the Father, you have seen the Son. Wherever the Father is, there the Son is and also the Holy Spirit. Wherever the Holy Spirit is, there you have the angel, the prophet, apostles, and everything.

Brethren, I am thankful to the Father for saying that except the Son reveals the Father and except also the Father reveals the Son, no one knows. Therefore, I am thankful to the Father, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
That statement has been manifested today. The Father has revealed the Son and the Son has also revealed the Father. Therefore, the children also have to reveal the Father.
Brethren, we will not take you further than this. It is said that one stroke of the cane is sufficient for the wise. Any person who has ears to hear, let him hear. May God bless His Holy Words. Amen.

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