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First Bible Lesson: Matthew 6:34
“Take therefore no thought for the morrow for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

Second Bible Lesson: John 9:1-3And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth. And his disciples asked him saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?

Golden Text: John 11:3-4
” Therefore his sisters sent unto him saying, Lord behold, he whom thou lovest is sick. When Jesus heard that, he said, this sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby.”

Brethren, listen very attentively to what is going to be revealed to you today. Many of you are agitating for what the Holy Father is going to reveal. Others are lamenting why this hall is not filled to capacity. For the latter group, it means that they do not want the will of God to be fulfilled. Do you not realise that those who claim to have been in Brotherhood for twenty years or more, but have not attained this wisdom of truth, so not know where they are.
What you people know and believe in is mermaid, witchcraft, juju, apparition, devil, and ghost. But have heard any mention been made of such things in the passages read to you? Sometimes you inadvertently say that the evil that befalls certain people is caused by their wickedness or is a result of their sins, or of their parents or relations. Has Our Lord Jesus Christ taught that kind of thing to you in the lessons read to you?

The first Bible reading alone teaches you enough lessons. Any person who listens attentively to the First Bible Lesson would no longer have any problems in life. The first lesson has absorbed both the second lesson and the Golden Text, and it has gone further to reveal the glory of God. Moreover, the second and third lessons have revealed the first lesson. But for the second lesson we would not have known that whatever happens to us everyday receives God’s approval as well as reveals His glory. When you are called upon to give testimonies, if these things had not happened, what would you testify about?
Therefore, brethren, you can now realise that those who do one thing or another, or turn to the left or right in order to prevent something from happening resist and fight against the will of God. Upon all your efforts and attempts to resist the will of God, have you been able to prevent it from happening? When a king makes a law or promulgates a decree, who can prevent it from being executed? You can therefore realise that all things work together for the good of those who love God.
If you think properly, you will know that there is no evil, no accident, no happening and there is no glory that is greater than that of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the person whose arrival the entire world has been anxiously awaiting. He had to come and fight for them and to do one thing or another. Since He came, even from His birth, spectacular events have taken place and are still revealing His glory, might, and wisdom. He gives us peace, love, wisdom, strength, consolation and mercy. Therefore whenever you want to preach your sermon, it should be about Our Lord Jesus Christ, because He is the word of God, He is the testimony, He is the power and the glory of God.
You say, “God use me to reveal your glory,” but when He wants to use you for that purpose, you turn around to say that it is witchcraft, apparition, juju, sickness, and so on. When you hear that there are some of you who will not taste of death till the glory of God is revealed, you begin to pray to the Father saying, “Thy kingdom come.” What do you think the glory of God is like?
You will find out that the three Bible lessons read to you reveal nothing sinful or bad. Everything you see is the manifestation of the glory of God. That is why He has advised us not to think about tomorrow, for tomorrow shall take care of itself.
Tell me anything that happens in this world which is not a source of testimony to God. That was why Our Lord Jesus Christ asked the people whether they think the eighteen people who died as a result of the collapse of the tower did so because of their sinfulness or because they were more sinful than those of them that lived? Of a truth if you do not repent you shall perish likewise.
Most of you often laugh at people when something happens to them. What do you laugh at in that case? You should know that what happens to the goat can equally happen to the lion. Vicissitudes spare no one. Do you not find in a woman the things you find in a man? Show me anything that is new in this world?
If the great deluge did not take place during the time of Noah, what would we have made our references to today? You are aware of the fact that only eight persons survived the deluge. Tell me the testimony which is greater than that? And if that did not happen what would have been your testimony? Are the persons you see in the world today not greater in number than the ones who perished? How do you know if that deluge did not take place something worse would not have happened?
Another instance is the case of Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah. Does the case not form a source of testimony? All those things go to prove the fact that God has always been in existence. It is therefore not our duty to think about tomorrow because it shall take care of itself. You should know then that no other thing exists apart from Our Lord Jesus Christ.
I do not think that those who perished because of the great flood during the time of Noah were only one million. Even during the time of Lot, I do not think there were only two million people.
Consider what happened to the children of Israel 70 years after the Lord resurrected. They fought for their liberation from the Roman Empire and in the process they died in thousands, leaving behind only about ninety thousand. What other testimony could be greater than that? If you take a trip to that part of the world now would you not find a greater number of persons than those who perished. That was why Our Lord Jesus Christ said I raised Pharaoh that through him the glory of God may be fulfilled and my name be praised in the entire universe.
The book of Ecclesiastes explains clearly that there is nothing new; everything had existed right from the beginning of time. You can only say what you have seen or heard of it for the first time. What do you think caused Zacchaeus to climb to the top of the sycamore tree? The reason was that he was a short man and wanted to see the Lord. That is why it is the characteristics of short people to be troublesome so that they can attract attention to themselves.
In the world, you will find that nobody seeks for God when the going is good. When you have no problem and you are facing no stress in life, you will not even accept that God exist, let alone acknowledge Him. How many people have ever sought for God when they were not sick, poor, hungry and troubled? Job said, “Lord, hitherto I have only been hearing your voice, but now I have seen thee face to face.” When did Job only hear the voice of God and when did he see God face to face to face? When the going was good with Job and he had all the wealth he desired, including wives and children, he only heard the voice of God. Job however saw God face to face and dined with Him when everything deserted him and he looked miserable and lost all hopes of living. That was the time God revealed Himself to Job and he saw God face to face. It is a mistake therefore to say that sickness, hunger, poverty, and even death are not of God. It reveals the fact that you are not familiar with the Bible. If you have been reading the Bible, you would have realised that all things come from God. There is no ghost, juju, apparition, sickness, and there is no death. God is all in all.
What do you think caused the prodigal son to go to his father and request of him his inheritance. The action was prompted by the manifestation of the glory of God. It is because of that we now recognise ourselves as prodigal sons of God. And why did the father surrender part of his belongings to the prodigal son on request? Also that was done so the glory of God may be fulfilled.
The prodigal son’s elder brother was unhappy for the wealth lavished on his younger brother by his father, whereas his father had never given him even breakfast with as little as an egg. The question now is, if he was not given a share of his father’s inheritance, how would the glory of God be made manifest? What lies before us all is for the glory of God to be made manifest.
Many of you regret only lately that if you had known that the business you were doing would fail, you would not have gone into it. That idea is not true. Some of you complain that if you had known that the land you bought was not fertile, you would not have bought it. Is that so? Some people may have plenty of money and quietly save it in the house and would not trust it into anybody’s care for fear of losing it. But thieves may incidentally break in and steal that money; and if you tell another person the story, the fellow will blame you and question why you did not look for a trusted friend and give the money to keep for you.
Another person may claim to have learnt a lesson from that event and then refuse to keep money in the house. He will rather give it to a businessman to invest in his business. Unluckily for him, after giving the businessman the money, his business collapses and the money vanished. As he narrates to another person his experiences, he too will blame him for giving a businessman his money to invest in a business when there are banks all over the place.
The third person again will decide to save his money in the bank. But do not also forget the fact that even though the money in the bank belongs to you things like irregular signature can militate against your withdrawal of your money. It may in fact happen that an embargo is placed on your account or it may be frozen outright. If you also report the matter to a friend, he will blame you and say that you should not have taken the money to the bank but you should have invested it in a business of your own.
It is not unlikely or uncommon to lose your money in the bank. Pastor and Apostle Henshaw have gone through this ordeal in one of the banks. Their father made some fixed deposits which he wanted withdrawn only when his last child (daughter) was twenty-one years old. The daughter is now over forty years old and they have been struggling and quite unsuccessful in withdrawing the money from the account.
Brethren that is the reason the scripture has advised us not to think about tomorrow because the Father has done everything according to His plan and sealed it. Because of the way things are going in the world, somebody left the community and went hundreds of miles into the forest lived there to escape the troubles and worries associated with community life. But this man before he left the community was given a girl to live with by his friend.
Note that this man left the community in order to escape the troubles and worries associated with coexistence with people. But unfortunately for him, when his friend’s daughter, the girl given to him to live with went into the bushes to ease herself, she was mistakenly shot by a hunter who did not know that people were living in such a thick forest. And lo, this is somebody who ran away from the city because he wanted no trouble from anybody.
When the man came back and discovered that his friend’s daughter had been killed, he became disillusioned and wondered at the wisdom behind the secluded life he wanted to live. He then left the forest and returned to the city and invited troubles to come to him. When therefore you say that you do not want any trouble, and choose to live in isolation, think seriously about yourself.
No person should grumble or murmur over what comes his way everyday. We should only take everything the way it comes and give thanks to the Father. We should not blame anybody for whatever happens and we should not ask questions. Do not blame somebody for climbing a tree and falling down from it, thereby losing his life. Some pray God to give them the ability to have a fore-knowledge, through dream, of what is to happen so that it can be warded off. What about those who may not be endowed with such a gift? What will they do if something intends to happen to them. If something wants to happen to you and you foresee it, what would you do? Your having a fore-knowledge of the event does not prevent it from taking place, however hard you pray. Alternatively, if God refuses to reveal to you what is going to happen to you, what will you do? We blame and worry ourselves without any cause. We should surrender ourselves to God only and give thanks to Him for whatever happens. The First Bible Lesson shall now be read and I want you all to listen attentively.
First Bible Lesson: Matthew 6:34
“Take therefore no thought for the morrow for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”
Brethren, I had earlier told you the story of a certain king who had a prophetic dog that revealed whatever thing that was going to happen to him. The dog informed the king about everything that intended to happen to the king. When thieves planned to visit the king, the dog revealed to the king. When people planned to dupe the king, the dog revealed this also and even provided the king with solutions. I think that that is why you people are after visions, so that through visions, secret things about your life can be revealed. All you need to do is to listen to the word of God and put it into practise.
Many people who got initiated into various secret societies or cults do so in order to protect their lives. If these people still die after the so-called self-fortification in secret societies and juju making, why do you waste your time in doing such things again? Are you not surprised to realise that in spite of your great grand parents’ indulgence in juju making and other forms of diabolical acts, they died? The process has continued unabated. For instance, money doubling had been in existence till today, and many people are still being fooled.
You blame another person today for being careless, but tomorrow you become a victim. Therefore whatever you see in your daily life is the manifestation of the glory of God. Today people and church denominations blame Adam and Eve for eating the forbidden fruit. If they did not eat it, how could the glory of God have manifested? Everything you see is for the revelation of the Glory of God. Do you believe that but for the revelation of God’s glory, Adam would have eaten the forbidden fruit? Otherwise they would have continued to obey God as from the beginning.
People levy the same blame against Our Lord Jesus Christ saying, “Why should He have walked with Judas Iscariot? If Christ had not chosen Judas as one of His disciples so that he would betray Him, how would salvation have come to mankind today?
If you take your cloth to the a tailor and watch him cut it with scissors you will shout and even burst into tears, saying he has destroyed your cloth. But when the tailor reassembles and sews the pieces of cloth together you will have a neat garment.
Brethren, that is exactly what happens between God and man. When God wants to reveal His glory, we murmur and complain and weep. But in the end it will be a thing of glory. There is no mistake in anything you see or hear. Everything works according to the will and divine plan of God. Therefore you should not complain or cry or murmur against God over any situation you find your self. Know that that situation is for the manifestation of the glory of God.
Whether you are poor or sick, rich or healthy or hungry, etc, always give thanks to God. Somebody may be rich at one time, but at another time he becomes poor. And it could also happen that someone is poor at one time but at another time he becomes very rich. You do not then have to ask God questions or complain. All things work out beautifully unto those who love God. Whatever happens to you daily, therefore is for the glorification of God’s work, His power, love, ability, mercy, and longsuffering.
What is more surprising is the fact that when you are rich, you tend to have so many friends. But the moment the riches are no more, they all desert you. This situation had existed before your birth and will continue to exist. You should know then that the Father is your wealth, friend, and everything.
God used John to reveal His own glory that the situation may be a lesson for you and me. Therefore you do not have to bother yourself about whatever situation you find yourself in. What sin did Job commit after all? Alternatively, to what extent was he righteous? What happened to him did not occur because of his righteousness or sinfulness. God actually did those things so that His glory might be revealed.
God also used Our Lord Jesus Christ to reveal His own glory. What good or evil thing did Our Lord Jesus Christ do? All the things written about Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Bible were done by God. Why then was Christ killed? That was done so that the glory of God might be revealed. If Our Lord Jesus Christ did not die, then the glory of God would not have been revealed. Many people, including Pilate had wanted to save Our Lord Jesus Christ when He was undergoing trials.
Now you want to say that Christ Himself did not know His destiny? Was He taken unawares? Before the Lord came, He had accepted before His Father that He would come and offer His life as a ransom for all in order to reconcile man unto God. And so He was well aware of His fate before ever coming to the earth. He knew He would be beaten, starved, tortured, and finally killed. All these things were done to the Lord so that the glory of God may be fulfilled.
Why did He tell His disciples that He would go to Jerusalem and there He would be persecuted and killed? He had seen all these persecutions and torture even before He accepted to come and save the world. There was no other way through which the entire world would have been saved, than through the spilling of His blood. Do you think God is as foolish as you for having Christ to be killed and tortured and allowing things to happen the way they do? God’s thinking pertains to the things of His kingdom, but you think about carnal things.
There is no person who gives God His due glory except God Himself and Our Lord Jesus Christ. The reason is that you still continue to think that death is something evil; and that sickness, poverty, and hunger are bad things. Have you then glorified God? You claim that all these things are satanic and attribute them to the devil. It therefore means that you give the glory meant for God to the devil.
If you happen to be rich now, you will attribute it to your hard work and knowledge and thus give the glory to yourself, forgetting about God who is the giver. If you happen to succeed in your trading, you will say it is because you are so wise and have so mastered your line of trade that you have been so successful. Do you not see that by saying so you are glorifying yourself rather than glorifying God who is so instrumental to your success. But if you lose your money or suffer a certain defeat, or have a severe headache, you will attribute that to satan, mermaid, witchcraft and juju. If somebody passes away in the Lord, you say that it is satan or juju that is responsible. Do you believe that if those funny things existed, any person would be left in the world today?
You should remember the story of Goliath. He was so tall and powerful among the Israelites that even Saul was afraid of him. But David arose so confidently with the spirit of God in him and promised to go and fight this great warrior of the Philistines.
He used only a sling and a small stone to hit Goliath’s forehead and he fell and died. That was the handiwork of God. Let the second lesson be read, and listen very attentively; those of you who continue to cry, argue, complain, and resist the will of God, listen:
Second Bible Lesson: John 9:1-3
And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth. And his disciples asked him saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.”
Brethren, was that child’s blindness not for the manifestation of God’s glory? How would you have known that God could restore one’s blindness? Would you also have known that somebody can be born blind? Whatever happens to somebody, whether he is born blind or deaf, or lame, is for the manifestation of God’s glory. Even if you are an orphan, know that it is the handiwork of God for His glory to manifest. Whoever receives this gospel shall have no more problems.
If you are born in the midst of other seven brethren and five of them turn against you, what do you think is the cause? Would you say it is because or your bad character or the sins you are born with? They do not hate you for anything other than for the fulfillment of the glory of God. Take the case of Joseph for example, what sin did he commit to warrant his being sold into slavery by his brothers? He was the 11th child. This was so because Abraham was told that his descendants must be put under slavery for 400 years and that happened so that the glory of God might be fulfilled.
Also, what brought jealousy between Esau and Jacob? The jealousy came as a result of the revelation of God’s glory. Esau returned from hunting, feeling very hungry and requested a spoonful of pottage from Jacob. Jacob told him to surrender his birthright to him for the food. This Esau did (maybe jokingly) and had the pottage from his brother. Since that time have you ever heard that some other person sold his birthright? Who do you think was responsible for that act? You should also note that even when they were not conceived, it was written about them that the elder shall serve the younger. Therefore all the things that happen are the effect of the cause and not the cause of the effect. God is responsible for whatever happens.
You may merely push somebody and the person falls down and dies and then you will be accused of murder. That is not so. It is only that his time was up and God so made it that he passed through that way so that the glory of God may manifest. Some other person may be killed by a branch of a tree, blown off by the wind and people will start blaming him for having gone out during a heavy windstorm. That only happened so that the glory of God might be made manifest.
If a woman happens to be barren, it is not ill-luck or because of her sins or that of her parents but for the revelation of the glory of God. You do not need to bother yourself about anything. Even if somebody comes to you and tells you he wants to pray for you so that you will have a child, tell him to pray for himself. If somebody invites you to accompany him to consult an oracle or see a soothsayer, tell him to go alone; do not go. Sit down in one place and look onto the Father for his glory will not fail to manifest. If somebody tells you to do one thing or the other so that you may have a child, tell the person that God has His divine plan for you to reveal His glory to you.
If you read the gospel according to Saint Luke, chapter twenty-three, verse twenty-nine through thirty-one, you will realise that all the things you find are for the manifestation of God’s glory. Why did He say, “Rejoice ye barren and the breast that has never given suck?” He also said, “Lament and weep for the breast that gives suck at time of the coming of the Lord.” Does the previous statement not show you that God has a plan for the barren? God knows everything and there is a purpose for whatever thing He does.
This is one foolishness which all of you exhibit. You pray God to give you at least one child to succeed you and immortalise your name. If child-bearing were a thing of blessing or joy, why would God have asked mothers that give suck to weep? Have you ever found a nursing mother who is at rest and has time to worship God? Have those of you who pray God to give you money and make you rich read the book of James Chapter five? You also complain that whatever good you do to somebody, he pays you back with a bad coin. Do you want to be loved by all and to be rewarded for what you do? Read Luke 6:26. For me, I do not want people to either talk good or bad of me. I surrender myself to God and pray that His will alone be done. You should not want your will to manifest because you did not create yourself. Do not seek for any good thing or plan anything for yourself.
All of us are messengers and a messenger does not speak in parables. Right from the beginning of time, people started investigating God till today, have they known him or come out with any concrete document?
It is not hunger or poverty that caused Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden tree. They were led to eat of the fruit by the evil thought that they would be as wise as God. But since Adam and Eve ate the fruit, have they (or has man) become as wise as God? Man’s wisdom only consists of telling lies, fornicating, and committing all forms of vices. You should not regard the eating of the fruit as an accident. An English adage says that experience is the best teacher. All these experiences serve as lessons for us all to learn from. If you find anyone waging war against the children of God, remind the person of Pharaoh, Herod, Saul and the rest of the other persons and what happened to them. If you mention all those people and recount what happened to them individually, any person who now wants to persecute the children of God, will better reconsider his stand and the impending doom.
You cannot know anything about God if you do not first of all surrender yourself to Him for His will to manifest. If a certain task is accomplished, you will, instead of praising God, arrogate the wisdom and power to yourself. Whatever you see give thanks and praises to God who is the doer of all things. Never should you resist the will of God because you have no choice. If you rejoice over whatever you see and have the knowledge that everything is made for the manifestation of God’s glory, then you will have no problem. If you receive this gospel and allow it to reign in you you will prefer to sit on the floor than on a chair.
You people have forgotten one thing. No person has the power or knowledge to do anything. Everything has been so organized in their correct order to enhance the glory of God to be revealed. No one is capable of changing anything so designed, ordained, or planned by God. When you hear that the kingdom of God suffers violence you think that it is to fight one another and struggle here and there for position. God is the maker and giver of all things. There is nothing that we own that is not given by God. All things are done for His own glory. That was the reason Our Lord Jesus Christ did not seek glory from any person, not even from his disciples.
When Our Lord Jesus Christ knew that His people wanted to crown Him a king, He objected and ran away. Why you may ask, did his people want to crown Him a king? Because He fed a multitude of people with only five loaves of bread and two fishes, his people thought that if they crowned Him, they would no longer feel hungry or thirsty. And moreso, they would not need to farm and labour before they could eat. They reasoned that they would have everything in abundance.
Our Lord Jesus Christ had known ever before His advent that He was a king. He was a king even in heaven and He controlled all the angels. He therefore needed not to be made a king by men. His kingship was not trusted in the hands of men. He only came to save mankind. We had already told you that whatever is not planted by God shall be uprooted. The things that had existed cease to exist because they do not come from the Father. Wherever you find yourself and in whatever position, do not complain or murmur against God, but rejoice and give thanks to the Father because all things happen for His own glory.
If it pleases God that you should sit down, if you struggle to stand up, you will get into trouble and you may kill yourself in the process. The injuries we sustain are as a result of our resistance and stubbornness. That notwithstanding, you will not prevent the will of God from being manifested. Remember the case of Zacharias; his disbelief and subsequent penalty did not prevent the will of God from manifesting. Do you know the reason God keeps you in any position? Have you not heard that God uses the things that are weak to disgrace the things that are strong? He also uses the things that do not exist to displace those that had existed. God has a reason for every action He takes.
If God exalts you to the highest position, do not be overjoyous or complain because you do not know His own reason. He exalts you so that His glory may be made manifest. The next moment God can reduce you to the lowest ebb so that any other person who exalts himself will be told the story of a certain person who exalted himself and was brought so low down. Others will learn a lesson from that man. God uses us the way He likes. And if He keeps you in a low position do you know why He has kept you there?
He wants to use you also to reveal his own glory. All of a sudden, God will raise you to the very top to the surprise of all, so that you will become a source of testimony. Therefore brethren, is this something anybody should worry himself about, and continue to ask questions? All these things happen for the revelation of the glory of God. You are His own tools and vessels of work.
Look at Zacharias and Elizabeth, they were advanced in age and yet they had no child. People laughed and jeered at them, but they did not relent in serving God. But when all hope was lost, God gave them a son called John the Baptist who stands out to be the greatest of all men of women, with the exception of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Did Elizabeth and Zacharias consult an oracle or visit the hospital for medical check up? Both of them believed fervently in God, and did not question or doubt His ability. But in your own case today, even with five children, you are not satisfied; you will run up and down consulting oracles and soothsayers to find out why you should not produce more than five children. Elizabeth and Zacharias waited patiently for the will of God to manifest.
By the time God finally gave them a child, Elizabeth and Zacharias were well advanced in age and had lost all sense of activity. But at the fullness of time Elizabeth conceived and gave birth to John the Baptist without any sexual intercourse with her husband. Do you think child-bearing depends on the frequency of intimacy? God can make and unmake. Since we do not intend to bore you, the golden text will now be read.
Golden Text: John 11:3-4
“Therefore his sisters sent unto him saying, Lord behold, he whom thou lovest is sick. When Jesus heard that, he said, this sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby.”
Have those who are fond of lamenting sighing and seeking to help themselves heard that? If you discussed that kind of thing with somebody, would the person not take arms against you? You can now realise why it is always said that man works at variance with God’s way. And there is no person who knows what God likes and what he dislikes. UNTIL DOOMSDAY, NOBODY WILL KNOW THE WILL OF GOD.
If you consider the case of Lazarus, you will like to ask why he should even have been sick when Our Lord Jesus Christ was there and He was very friendly with Mary and Martha. Again why did Our Lord Jesus Christ not rush down to Lazarus’ house the moment he was told of about the illness of Lazarus, but he rather replied that his sickness was not unto death but it was for the revelation of the glory of God. Was that statement of the Lord fulfilled or not? That statement is so complex that you cannot comprehend it.
It is the source of the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The news went wild that Our Lord Jesus Christ had raised Lazarus from death after four days. And it was because of that Cephas who was the high priest, and others held council against the Lord to eliminate Him so that He would not come and take their position.
That was where the hatred for the Lord started. And it happened so that the will of God might be fulfilled. After all, was Lazarus the only one raised from death by Our Lord Jesus Christ? This story is told throughout the world even till today.
Brethren, we are blind, lame, deaf and dumb. The only thing we have to do is to listen to the first Bible Lesson and give thanks to the Father for whatever thing we see. To every person, something has been written for the fulfillment of God’s glory. Therefore, whether you cry, or shout, or run away into the forest, or disappear into the abyss, the will of God shall not fail to be made manifest. All these are for the glory of the Father.
The birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ clearly reveals everything. Nobody, not even Moses, had ever mentioned the tribe of Judah in the scheme of things, let alone the production of a savior. The tribe of Judah was seen as the most sinful and wicked one. If you read Hebrews 7:10 you will realise what we are talking about. Mention has never been made about the tribe of Judea as a people ever associated with God. We may regard this as bad luck though. But it is from this tribe that Judas Iscariot and our Lord Jesus Christ came. That was why in the case of the latter, Christ, nobody believed something good could come from Him. Judah himself is noted for his criminal records. It was he who impregnated his daughter-in-law.
You are going to hear the source of the statement: “abortion is murder.” The second son of Judah was not pleased about the idea of taking up his brother’s wife. For that reason, the second son made another plan. When he slept with his brother’s wife, he refused to discharge into her; and because of that, he died. The woman was once again a widow, and without a child.
One evening Judah dressed up, and with his staff went out into the town. By this time his daughter-in-law had left his home and family. As he was moving ahead, he met a pretty woman and fell head-over-heels in love with her. When the Judah asked the woman what he could do for her, she requested only for his staff. Judah did not refuse her. Not quite long, Judah started to hear the rumors that his daughter-in law was pregnant. As was the custom of the Jews, the woman had to name the person responsible; otherwise she would be regarded as having committed adultery and stand to be killed. When Judah met the woman and asked who was responsible for the pregnancy, the woman quietly went into her room and brought out the staff.
Brethren, do you see the way God works and makes His will to be fulfilled? Do you see that what Judah intended for his son came to him? The same thing happened to Lot. The Father is revealing these things to you so that you will not bother to make any plans for yourself. Know that God has completed all plans for you.
You have heard that Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt. They had two daughters who were pure virgins from birth. When their mother was no more, they were transferred into a different place.
As their mother was no more in existence, the girls, especially the elder one did not know what to do next. After sometime she took her father into his room and fed him heavily with wine until he became drunk and did not know himself. Inside the room she forced her father, Lot, to make love with her. That immediately put her in the family way. When her younger sister saw her, and asked what happened and how she did it, the elder sister advised her on how to get about it.
The second daughter also took Lot into his room and gave him wine until he was drunk. At that point she caused her father to be intimate with her and she became pregnant. Brethren know it therefore that whoever is led by the spirit of God does not err; but if you are led by the flesh, you are bound to err.
The problem with mankind is that he wants to do everything on his own power, and that is why he fails. But if you follow the dictates of the Holy Spirit, you will never encounter any problem or failure. This goes to show that God is able to do all things, and everything is just very simple before Him.
Do not worry yourself anymore, do not cry, do not lament, do not do anything on your own. Surrender yourself completely to God and be content with the position you are kept by Him. Rejoice over whatever you see every day, and know that God wants to use it to reveal His own glory. Do not also resist the will of God or blame Him or any other person over what happens to you. But believe fervently that as you are sitting down there; it is for the manifestation of the will of God, and whatever you do is for the glory of God to manifest.
Brethren, I do not want to take you further; let those who have ears hear. May God bless His Holy Words. Amen.

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