Christ Witnesses Mark Golden Jubilee in Grand Style

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It was a moment of thanksgiving and dedication to the Holy Father when the Christ Witnesses body marked their 50years of kingdom stewardship and service in the Father’s vineyard.

The epoch event to celebrate the faithful children of God which was a long week celebration took place on 30th November at Emerald Event Centre, Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital.

The Christ Witnessesbodywhich was established by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu on 30th September 1968 were first called the Saint, later renamed the Christ Student’s Body before given the current name Christ Witnesses Body.

The first admission into the body was done by the Holy Father with over 500 members of the fold, comprising brothers and sisters.

The group which is saddled with the responsibility of spreading the Holy Father’s gospel to the world have tenaciously preached, propagated and taught people across borders about the physical manifestation of God on earth.

From the first admission of members of the group by the Holy Father, there have been remarkable records and revelations by the body. One of such occasion was at then 26 Mbukpa Street Calabar when they raised a song title “Owo Ikop Ke Eyin Nyin Aba Eyin Olumba Ada Ukara” meaning ‘’Our names are no longer heard, the name of Olumba is the one ruling.’’

Prior to that time when the song was raised, the name of Olumba was never used in songs but through the revelation the great name was used and is still being used in songs and hymns to glorify God Almighty who has come in this last advent in human form, personified in Leader Olumba Olumba Obu.

However, the 50thCelebration of the Christ Witnesses was coloured with lot of activities from Monday, 24th September, the Women Fellowship had their meeting plus opening ceremony at Christ Practical Student Bethel, Udo – Uweme to kick-start the celebration.

The day 2 being Tuesday, the Men’s Fellowship had their meeting at Ravine Pentecostal Centre as part of activity to mark the celebration. Wednesday followed with lectures about the Father’s teaching and watch and pray at Ikot Udo Uso Pentecostal Centre. Thursday the fourth day was observed as general fasting from 6am to 6pm at Nsikak Eduok Cathedral 2 lanes. While Friday, 29th September was observed as healing service at Ikot Antem Bethel.

Also, variety added to colour the event and give it an evergreen memory for the celebrators was the presentation of Christ Witnesses tributes and history on their sojourn for 50 years at Ravine Pentecostal Centre on Saturday.

The main event which was held on a Sunday was conducted by His Holiness Obu Olumba Obu with theme “What is Brotherhood, what is Cross and what is Star?”

His Holinesswho presided over the divine service drew reference from the Holy Book of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Orok Utu-Eyoyo, page 1069, and admonished the Brotherhood faithful to imbibe the spirit of endurance and tolerance for one another while pursuing righteousness, as only those who endure and practice the teachings of the Holy Father will receive the crown of life.

Chairman of the occasion, Bishop J.O Salubi, in his address enjoined the children of God to be steadfast in the work of the Holy Father as blessing comes from there. He applauded the Christ Witnesses for leaving their home and all material things of the world and dedicating their lives to God for 50 years, praying the blessings of the Holy Father to be their portion as they continue with the kingdom stewardship and the propagation of the teachings of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu.

Giving a vote of thanks on behalf of the body, Christ Witness Raphael Edem, thanked the Holy Father for the blessings of the day, and the love bestowed on the group from the first day of admission.

Christ Witness Edem praised Her Holiness, Ibum Olumba Obu and members of the fold for the singular show of love for the bodyover thepast 50 years, he prayed the Father, who is the rewarder of all to reward all His children abundantly.

He thanked his colleague for accepting to serve God for thenumber of years without relenting effort, urging them to be steadfast in their service as every work done for the Holy Father will be rewarded.

Also, there were recitation by the Children’s Fellowship Uyo area with the title “Bravo the infant Olumba at 3”; Presentation of award of service to the Christ Witnesses by the Father, rendition of songs by the choristers, presentation of witnesses’ tribute, launching by brethren and cutting of cake by the Christ Witnesses.

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