Christ’s Natural Choristers’ Fellowship (CNCF) August Grading Exercise 2015

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It is an undoubted fact that Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is the home of sweet tunes, songs springing from God’s inner music house was echoed by the Cherubim’s in the just concluded August Pentecostal Assembly in three (3) designated Zones in Nigeria. The Zones and her coverage areas are;

  1. Kirikiri Cathedral, 2 Cardoso Street, Kirikiri, for Lagos Zone comprising: Edo, Osun, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Ekiti and Lagos States
  2. Ogbumnuabali Pentecostal Centre, Port Harcourt for Rivers Zone comprising: Rivers, Delta, Anambra, Bayelsa, Imo, Abia, Enugu and Ebonyi States
  3. Golden Jubilee Cathedral- Ravine Pentecostal Centre, 6 Etim Umana Street, off Nwaniba Road Uyo, Akwa Ibom Zone comprising: Cross River, Benue and Akwa Ibom States.

As a major instrument used in the pulling down of strong holds, and to engender happiness in the heart of the Almighty God and in the souls of men; the International Panel of Judges led by the Chairman, Pastor Attah Akpan and his crew, Evangelist Bassey Clucher- Vice chairman and Apostle Sunny Inwang – Secretary

Other members were: Evangelist Eno Umofia, Evangelist Bassey B. Okon and Christ Natural Preacher (Brother) Gabriel U. Awah, who toured round the afore-mentioned Zones in order to access the participating Choirs for a possible upgrade base upon the standard of their presentation in the exercise. This was a decision by the apex body of the fellowship to allow for an easy assessment of the Bethels, Centres and Fellowship Choirs in a large nation as Nigeria.

For the Rivers Zone that took the lead; the grading exercise was held at the Ogbumnuabali Pentecostal Centre, Port Harcourt, Rivers State on Saturday 22nd August 2015 with a total of three (3) Choirs in the participation, namely; Nembe City Cathedral Choir (NCCC) – Bayelsa, Polaku Pentecostal Centre Choir – Bayelsa and Deco Road Pentecostal Centre Choir – Delta State.

The Lagos counterpart had theirs on Friday 28th August 2015 at Kirikiri Cathedral, 2 Cardoso Street – Kirikiri – Lagos with five (5) Choirs on record, participating in their various divisions, and the turn of Akwa Ibom Zone came up on Sunday September 6th, 2015 by 2pm with a total of fifteen (15) choirs in the attendance.

At the Golden Jubilee Cathedral – Ravine Pentecostal Centre, where the round up of the grading exercise for the year was conducted, it had in the participation, two (2) choirs from Cross River, four (4) from Rivers, one (1) from Abia and Eight from the host state, Akwa Ibom in the exercise.

The analysis of the Choirs in the participation is as thus:

  1. Odoro Ikpe Pentecostal Center Choir, Ini Local Government Area              –        Division 4
  2. Etoi Pentecostal Center Choir, Mbiaobong Ikot Antem, Uyo                      –        Division 3
  3. Ibaka Pentecostal Center Choir, Ibaka Mbo LGA                                      –         Division 3
  4. Ekpemiong Pentecostal Center Choir, Ekpemiong Itak – Ikono LGA            –         Division 2
  5. Ibiaku Obio Ndobo Pentecostal Center Choir – Uruan LGA                         –         Division 2
  6. Osusu Cathedral Choir Aba –Abia State.                                                  –         Division 2
  7. Ikot Akpan Pentecostal Center Choir, Obot Akara LGA                              –         Division 1
  8. Ituk Mbang Pentecostal Centre Choir, Ituk Mbang – Uruan LGA                  –         Division 1
  9. 175 Ikwere Road Bethel Choir. Rivers State. Division                                 –         Division 1
  10. Akwuzu Bethel Choir, Rivers State                                                         –          Division 1
  11. Etche Pentecostal Center Choir, Etche, Rivers State                                –          Division 1
  12. 20 Ebito Bethel Choir, Calabar Cross River State                                       –          Division 1
  13. Family Bethel Choir, Rivers State                                                            –          Division 1
  14. Anantigha Pentecostal Center Choir, Calabar Cross River State                   –          Upper Division
  15. Ekwe Pentecostal Center Choir, Ekwe Rivers State                                  –           Premier division
  16. Ravine Pentecostal Center Choir, Uyo                                                    –           Premier Division

The International Chairman, Pastor Attah Akpan speaking to declare the 2015 Grading Exercise open during the International Christ Natural Chorister’s Fellowship (CNCF) Meeting with the Holy Father on Thursday 06th August 2015 at International Pentecostal Centre, Ogbumnuabali – Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Pastor Attah the fellowship boss advised the Choristers to shawn all forms of violence and behaviours capable of causing disrepute amongst the Fellowship by inculcating good moral etiquette both in the individual choir and the Fellowship. He charged the choirs willing to participate in the grading exercise to devout the best of their ability to learn the Processional, Introductory and Set Pieces as regarding their various divisions; so as to be able to standout unique from the lots, bearing in mind that good natural songs are required by the Father in the Kingdom. He pleaded the Leader’s Representatives in all cadre of administration as well as CNTM’s and entire brethren to give support (moral and financially) to the fellowship in their domain to ensure a successful Grading Exercise 2015 in our strides for evangelism.

While encouraging the intending choirs ready to sing in the exercise, the Choral Committee Chairman – Evangelist Bassey Okon emphasized on the instructions as contained in the set pieces earlier sent to all choirs to informing them on a hitch free grading exercise. The Choral Committee boss Brother Bassey stressed the importance of the choristers to abide by the teachings of the Father and to dress properly in all the activities of the fold, for any prohibit dressing shall attract a penalty of five (-5) marks subtraction from the overall score of an erring choir. Again, he advised that only the choirs that have been duly cleared by the constituted bodies shall be invited to sing on the stage in all the zones. Choirs must of necessity arrive the venue for the grading exercise on time to enable the umpires to meet up other programs.

Finally, Brother Bassey Okon advised that all choirs in the kingdom should endeavour to participate in the exercise so that through this exercise, they can learn and improve in their composition.

Addressing the Choirs at the end of the exercise after the choristers had song, dancing joyously for a more successful grading exercise for the year; the Administrative Assistant one (1) to the Secretary General- Christ Witness Ime Akpapan while blessing God’s children, thanked the Holy Father for the success so far recorded overall exercise. He commended the Choirs who travelled from far destinations to honour the Father in the exercise and prayed the Father’s blessing on all. The organizing committee and the entire fellowship officers he applauded for their efforts in sparing out time to organize and observed the process to its logical end. The Father used the medium to advise the choristers to activate the spirit of obedience, tolerance, patience, humility, submission, unity, love, co-operation, understanding, maturity, meekness, righteousness and holiness in the discharge of their duties in the service of God; for the duties of the choristers does not include: drunkenness, cultism, fighting, division, sentiment, tribalism, oppression, disobedience, abuse, insolence, crime, riot, quarreling, pomposity, arrogances, prostitution, way-wardens, malice and stubbornness. Service to God demands total surrendering to the Holy Spirit for the beauty of this kingdom is seen in the choristers. He prayed Father to lead His children safely back to their various homes with blessing. Through the sweet tunes rendered, the hegemony of Satan is shattered. Amen.

Thank You Father.

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