Brotherhood Women Mark Golden Jubilee

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The Heavens lets loose it blessing on the entire Universe as the International Women’s Fellowship in her 2015 Holy Queen Mother’s Pilgrimage to the Holy land in Uyo the capital city of Akwa Ibom State appreciated the Father as they celebrated Golden Jubilee of existence as a fellowship in the new Kingdom of God – Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.

The epoch making event commenced in the early hours of Saturday 7th Nov 2015 after the International Women Fellowship President – Deac. V. B. Clarke with other members of her executive from around the world trooped into the Ibom Hall along IBB Avenue, the arena for the Golden Jubilee Celebration .

The International President- Deac V.B. Clarke speaking to declare the ceremony open thanked the Holy Father for bringing His children from far and near to the occasion. She expressed delight for the successful 50 years of partnership in the affairs of the Father as a united family of God and urged the women to demonstrate their manifested joy while going on a sparkling outing procession in parts of Uyo metropolis to showcase the beauty of the Kingdom.

Presenting the banners to the states in attendance, President charged the Pilgrims to make a memorable stay throughout the duration of the ceremony.

In the procession proper, the Father in the International executive led and was followed by the Lagos state women, others were Akwa Ibom, Delta , Abia , Edo, Rivers ,Anambra , Niger, Bayelsa, Cross River, FCT, USA and of course the United Kingdom.

The outing/procession ended at the Temporary Headquarters, Nsikak Eduok. There, the Pilgrims appreciated the Father as they rounded off the segment. Feast was served to refresh the Pilgrims.


The divine service segment started at about 7pm to usher in the main celebration with Christ Witness Pius Ukpe conducting . In a sermon at the Golden Jubilee Celebration he admonished the Pilgrims to be more confident in the Father as champions in physical and spiritual battles:

The texts of the sermon were drawn as follows;

First Lesson Hebrew 8:10

Second Lesson 1st Corinthians 3

Golden Text Romans 8 :31

In the segment, brethren from all over the world were in attendance to receive bountiful blessing from the Most High God .

In the launching/appreciation session , brethren danced joyously to the Garden of Eden to get their Golden Jubilee messages. The Chairman on the occasion Deaconess V. B. Clarke thanked the Father for a wonderful journey though a lots of challenges were faced , successes were also recorded in the 50 years of the fellowship.

The Akwa Ibom State Leader’s Representative, Pastor Macarthy Ubom Akpan in an address of welcome thanked the Father for the choice of Akwa Ibom State as the Holy land where the Father’s Pilgrims visit yearly, and emphasized on the spiritual significance of the exercise . The L/R made it clear that the   exercise is meant to cleanse, purify and redirect our spiritual consciousness

He commended the women for their developmental strides to position the kingdom in the right track from 1967 till date. Mentioning the names of some founding sisters who in their days played major roles towards the development of the fellowship. Names like Snr. Deaconess Gertrude Usoro, Deaconess Itam ( of blessed memorise) . He also commended the initiative and ingenuity of the women’s fellowship President – Deaconess V. B. Clarke for her splendid talent of organization and arrangement .

In the appreciation segment, the chairman on the occasion Deac. Clark set the ball rolling as she made a cash donation of #1,000.000 (one million naira). Other invited guests who formed the members of the high table also donated.

Some very active brethren were presented with awards for their positive contributions to the growth of the fellowship and Brotherhood of the Cross and Star as a whole. Among the award recipients were

  1. Christ witness Ime Akpapan
  2. Christ Witness Pius Ekpo Ukpe
  3. Christ Witness Bernard Essien
  4. Christ Witness Christiana Ibok
  5. Snr. Christ Servant Young Akan
  6. Snr. Christ Servant Magaretta Bassey
  7. Snr. Deac. J. A. Onumonu

Other activities to boost the ceremony included song rendition by women’s choir from FCT-Abuja.

At about 3.15am the representative of the Secretary General and Head of Administration – His Lordship Bishop Asuquo Ekanem and other members of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Executive Council were ushered into the arena by the Akwa Ibom State Central Choir and the 144,000 virgins.

The 50th Anniversary Celebration Cake was officially presented by the designer Deaconess Vivian Bassey, while the cutting was done by Bishop Matthew Ejedawe and was flanked by Bishop Etim Ante and Deaconess Christiana Igwe. Inspiring spiritual songs were rendered by the officiating choirs to entertain the crowd.

Bethsaida bath was conducted by the Holy Spirit at about 4am with Christ Witness Ime Akpakpan who anchored this spiritual bath after the faithful children of God had confessed their sins and purified their hearts getting ready to be cleansed of their filthiness so that their sickness can be healed. Prayer of forgiveness of sins was offered by Christ Witness Bernard Essien.

States, Fellowships and individuals presented gift items to the Holy Father. Lastly , the Father in the Holy Queen mother’s representative Bishop Asuquo Ekanem blessed the entire world at the occasion. He in his address assured all of the Father’s manifold blessing for having served Him diligently in the last 50 years . The Father re-assured all that the joy ahead will never be compared to the tribulation which we faced. After presenting Father/Mother’s envelope brethren came out and received the blessing . Father blessed the entire humanity, assuring all of safe journey mercies back. The ceremony ended at exactly 5:45am.


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