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A divine service to honor and celebration of the new name of God O.O.O was conducted by the Holy Father in Bishop Asuquo Ekanem at the Golden Jubilee Cathedral, Ravine Pentecostal Centre- Uyo, venue for the celebration.

Text delivered in the ceremony was as thus:

First lesson: Holy Orok utueyoyo page 60 subheading 4.3

Second lesson: Holy Orok utueyoyo page 60 subheading 4.5

Golden text: Holy Orok utueyoyo page 1618 subheading 32.5

The name is the only way out of problem and misfortune. Those whose faith is in the holy oil, holy water should realize themselves and put their faith and trust in this name for power comes only from this name. The Father charged His children to put the new name to test as dramatically turn of events will be achieved. Physical things do not move or hold, whereas it is the spirit that drives and cause a thing to happen.

The celebration featured rendition of melodious tunes, revealing the new name O.O.O to the world by the Ravine Pentecostal Centre choir and Youth Fellowship Choir, Uyo.

Other activities to mark the celebration were

  • Visit to the Garden of Eden
  • Appreciation
  • Testimonies and paper/lecture presentation by some person on the new name
  • Spiritual choruses rendition
  • Feast

The celebration which had  in the attendance, members of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Executive Council who were gathered for their weeklong council anniversary 2016 was chairman by Bishop Joseph Salubi- the Regional Leader’s Representative for Lagos and also a council member in the appreciation session.

Bishop Salubi in his speech to flag off the appreciation session in the celebration service thanked God for manifesting Himself on earth, for choosing His children and revealing His new secret name to them.

He thanked Father for assembling all members of the council in Uyo for the 2016 week Anniversary charging all to continue to use the new name O.O.O as instant solution to our problems.

The Leader’s Representative for Akwa Ibom State, Pastor Marcarthy Ubom Akpan in a keynote address revealed the symbol O.O.O as the sacred symbol of God, and the cure to man’s incurable problem. Life and death is in these new name, freedom and liberty is also derived in this name. our songs must of necessity expose this name, likewise our attitude and general conduct.

Also, speaking at the ceremony to further strengthen the brethren in the use of the new name, Bishop Etim Ante welcomed the brethren into the ceremony which is holding in his area of control and urge the people to not relent to putting their trust in the Holy Name of God. He specially thanked God revealing His new name to us in this era and prayed that the world be evangelized so that this name can take over the world.

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