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First Bible Lesson: Romans 9:25


Second Bible Lesson: 1st Corinthians 1:28

And base things of the world and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:

Golden Text: 1st Corinthians 4:7

For who maketh thee to differ from another? and what hast thou that thou didst not receive it, why dost thou glory as if thou hast not received it?

Brethren that is the theme of our revelation tonight. If we listened attentively to what was read to us we would realise that it is wrong for one to be boastful of oneself. It is a pathetic situation that man has not been given this wisdom. If we were to understand that man is nothing and that it is only God who has the choice to use man as He likes, then nobody would have cultivated the habit of being proud and pompous. For instance, God has not called you because you are good, or worthy, but He has called you according to His loving kindness.

No person should either be sad or glad because of his position. Wherever you find yourself, that is exactly where God has chosen to place you. He has not placed you there because you are so bad neither has He placed you in a given position because you are good. He places you according to his loving kindness.

Whatever He wishes that you should be is what you certainly will be; and what He does not wish that you become, you will never become. For being the potter, He has power over the clay of the same lump; to make a vessel unto honor and another lump to make a vessel of dishonor and you have no questions to ask!

I have not seen any reason why man should ask God any questions. I have not seen any reason why any person should boast. Neither do I have any reason to justify why man should be sad and sorrowful, because it is Nature which creates you, you do not create yourself.

If He wishes to elevate you today, He will exalt you. If He wishes to abase any person tomorrow, He will bring him down. Whatever He wishes you to be, you will become what he wants you to be. Why then should people boast? Why should people complain that God does not love them?

Who do you consider to be those whom God loves most and who do you consider is hated most by God? God does not love anybody more than others, neither does He hate any person more than others. He only submits to His will.

Whatever we refer to as an evil thing is not known by God as evil. Whatever we refer to as a good thing is equally not known by God as good. The only thing is that God does His own will. Let us therefore not decide whether something is good or bad. Do not ask questions on why God should do something to one person, but has not done it to another. Do not say that it was for some other causes that made a certain thing happen. Whatever happens to you should not be attributed to anything; everything happens as God wills.

It is not as you wish, neither is it as man wishes, but all are according to the will of God. We are lumps of clay, and He is the potter. Do not ponder over whatever you see in the world, but do accept situations as they come. Do not even seek to know the causes of anything. The reason is that the more we look, the less we see. This is the cancer afflicting people in the world today. PEOPLE DO NOT REALISE THAT NO ONE CAN KNOW THE MIND OF GOD. REMEMBER THAT MAN PROPOSES AND GOD DISPOSES.

You have heard the text, it says and it shall come to pass that those who were not my people, will be called my people. This is the one thing that has shocked the inhabitants of the world who would ask why a certain person should become what he is; or why a certain person does not become what we think he should be. Has not the potter power over the clay of the same lump, to make one vessel noble?

You should then realise that it is not of him who wills, nor of him who runs the race. We should rest, content with whatever position we find ourselves. I have not seen any reason why any person should be fastidious, or frown or do anything at all that may tend to question God’s wisdom for all the things that happen in the world, there is none that concerns man. We have no hands in whatever takes place in the world.

We have no right in these things and till tomorrow, we shall not have any right in them. It is only the king who knows the secret of His kingdom. This is the time God has opened everybody’s eyes so that everyone is satisfied with the position God has placed him. You should not determine that a certain man will perish, or that the other man will be saved. Do not argue that what happens to a certain person is the result of his evil deeds, or that whatever good thing that happens to another person is attributable to his goodness.

This is erroneous. We are vessels of God. He knows whatever purpose He wants to use us for. We should not concern ourselves with the affairs of God. All such concerns would result in disturbing the mind. Sometimes you may erroneously claim that God hates certain group of persons, but I want you to remember that God does not hate any person. God does not love any one man more than others. He loves Himself and honors Himself and thinks about Himself because He is all in all. There is nothing that worries God, therefore nothing should bother anyone. Whatever comes your way, give thanks to God. Let not your heart be troubled for whatever you may see from day to day. Whatever happens is in accordance with the will of the Almighty God. And so brethren, I do not wish to overload you, the first bible lesson will be read:

First Bible Lesson: Romans 9:25

“As he said in O’see, I will call them my people which were not my people, and her beloved which were not my beloved.”

Brethren, have you listened to what has been read to you? That explains why Nathaniel asked Philip, “Can any good thing come from Nazareth? Philip told him, “come and see.” Till today, most people do continue to ask the same question: why should that evil man have good things coming his way? Or why an abominable man should live that long. Know this that God does His things as He likes, and in accordance with His will. If He does anything such is meant to reveal His glory, therefore do not be sad and do not be joyous. It is what He had planned to do aforetime. Hence, whatever happens, give thanks to Him.

At times you may think that a particular person is suffering from his past sins, and at other times, you may feel that a person is forgotten by God. If you say that a person has been forgotten by God, then why does he say, “And it shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said unto them, Ye are not my people, there shall it be said unto them, Ye are the sons of the living God.” Read Also GOD IS EVERYTHING TO MAN

Sometimes it may suddenly occur to you that your family has no future and you feel the more disturbed when you look at another family progressing, I am telling you that you should not be bothered, for as it is written in Hosea, “I will call them my people which were not my people, and her beloved which were not my beloved.”

This is an indication that God has not forgotten His people, therefore do not ever think there is any situation in which you find yourself that God is not aware of. In like manner do not ever think that there is anything that is impossible with God. Even if He digs the ground and puts you in there, He is the person keeping you there; at the fullness of time, He will bring you out from the heart of the earth. Very many people argue that God has forgotten about them, and unfortunately, this thought may even lead them to resort to suicide. Remember that you may be the one He spoke about that at the fullness of time, those who were not His people, He would call them His beloved. Read Also: A TRUE AMBASSADOR

If you are in a lovely estate, be reminded that He has a reason for keeping you there. The expression, “and it shall come to pass,” relates to those who are despised, those who are not regarded by others, and those who do not exist at all in the world; for it will come to pass that those who were not my people will be called my people and in the same token, those who were despised, those who were not regarded as anything and those who do not exist at all will be called the beloved children of God.”

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The commotion which sets in is that when He goes to salvage such a person from that state, people would begin to question why such a person should be lifted up. Some would attribute it to juju, some attribute it to charms, others to apparition, or mermaid, while some may argue that such is not an act of God or if it were an act of God, such an evil person would not be so favoured. Forget about such postulates, because God had destined him to be so lifted up. If Our Lord Jesus Christ were to be the Son of Herod, or any of the councilors, or lords, they would not have had the boldness to ask who He was. What baffled the Jews the more was that He was the Son of a mere carpenter and a lowly placed virgin, and so they argued if He came from God why should He be born into such a common house. The scriptures had advised that we should not prejudge, until the Lord comes. For I know nothing by myself, yet am I not hereby justified, but he who judges me is the Lord.” You should then not even argue that something has happened to you because of the ill doing of your father, or because you are an evil doer, or because of one reason or the other. God has destined that such a thing should happen to you. All what is happening in the world can be likened to somebody moulding a figure with the clay, or carving with a piece of wood.


If you carve the image of a human being on wood, or mould it on the clay, putting the ears, eyes, mouth, legs and hands on it, it will remain at the place you kept it because it can neither walk nor see, nor talk, because it is a dummy. If you keep a wooden or clay doll on the table and after some time you find it placed elsewhere it could not have moved on its own accord, you have caused it to move to the new position. As you keep the flowers here according to your arrangements, you can also pluck any type of natural flowers and keep them somewhere else and if you do not wish that they be here tomorrow, you can remove them from here and place them somewhere else.

So it is with what goes on in the world. You have the right to throw away all the flowers into the bush without regarding it as wishful damage. You have the right to go into the bush to collect any type of flowers and replace those you have thrown away, and no person questions. Not that the natural flowers you now keep are better than the artificial ones you have thrown away. The reason is what you have decided to do as you exercise of your free will.

This explains why you find a man who builds a twelve storey building but prefers to live in a thatched and wattled-walled house. It is also the reason why a man, born into an urban area goes to live in the jungle. This is also why a money magnate builds a house or buys a motor car according to his desire, at any point in time. So, all we see in the world is the work of nature, and our creator. I am giving you this sermon so that you do not bother yourself unnecessarily about what goes on in the world today. You May Also like: Dec Pentecostal Thanksgiving Service: Father Admonishes Brethren to Show Mercy to Transgressors

From the start, man has never been anything before God, but God alone is all an in all. If he wants to exalt Himself, He will do it and if He wants to abase Himself, he can do it. It is therefore not your brother nor any person’s bother.

Use this gospel to console yourself so that you may not continue to quake and shiver and feel that you have reached your end of the road, for you do not know why God has exalted you, neither are you aware why He has abased you, but He knows the reason. When you do not know why then do you boast of anything? This is why you may reward a person as a man of substance today and he feels so elated, but tomorrow he becomes a nobody. This is why God says even for this same purpose have I raised up Pharaoh that I may show my power in him and that my name might be declared throughout the earth. So He raises us up in order to manifest His glory, and in the same token, He brings us down so as to manifest His glory. It is on this premise that it is said that everything works together for good for those who love the Lord.

If your exaltation is profitable unto God, and your abasement is also profitable unto God, what then is the evil in any of the two actions? Since we are blind, it is the figment of the imagination to say that a certain thing is good and the other is bad. If we were to believe that God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient, then we would not have been bothered, because He is everywhere, being all powerful, and being all knowledgeable – only His Glory reigns. I do not think that there has ever been any other glory apart from the His own glory. Any glory which He has bestowed on any person is His, the love he has invested in any person is His love. This is why it is not usual that He selects the highly esteemed things to manifest His glory and will.

If you did not understand the mechanics of the world, you should place a ladder against a wall and on the opposite side of the wall place a similar ladder. You then begin to climb the ladder, placing your foot alternately on the various rungs of the ladder until you get to the top of the wall. From the top of the wall, you again begin to climb down through the opposite ladder until you descend to the ground level from which you started to climb. You see, none of us is in existance and we are nothing in the world. Only God exists and He is the ‘I am that I am.’ He merely keeps us as His own instruments to manifest His Glory on earth. This is why he chooses the base things of the world to put to nought the mighty things in the world.

Asking any questions does not bear any good fruits, for He can use anything, no matter how base, to magnify His glory, because He alone can bring into existence, anything that does not exist. What is said, “It will come to pass also that those who were not my people will be called the children of the God, He will cause them to be the children of God. It will come to pass also that whoever was deemed to be hated by God, He will lift him up and declare this is my beloved Son, hear ye Him.”

Up till today, those who returned from Israel have testified that the Jews do not believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ; they argue that the Christ has not yet come. If you tell them to believe in His name, they refuse, maintaining that He has not yet come, they are still waiting for Him.


The name of Our Lord Jesus Christ is on the lips of every person, all over the world, but the Israelites are still waiting for Him. Is it not a wonderful thing? The Bible was written and translated into various languages and dialects, and many people have known, and continue to know about Our Lord Jesus Christ, but the Israelites continue to confess that they do not know Him. Since it is God’s own pleasure to bring into existence anything which does not exist, do you know that no person should therefore ask any questions? Those of you who are highly placed should weep and lament because we cannot determine to what place you shall be downgraded. Those who are in lowly places should rather rejoice and shout for joy for they do not know where God will elevate them to. This is why the general Epistle of James advises that those of you who are highly poor and lowly in heart should rejoice. It also says, ‘go to now you rich men, weep and howl for the miseries that shall come upon you.’

So brethren, unless you have the spiritual ears, you will not hear this Gospel. Let us search the scriptures whether we have eternal life. The Bible is called the Ark of Covenant. Brethren, I do not wish to take you further than this, the Second lesson will now be read.

Second Bible Lesson: 1st. Corinthians 1:28

” And base things of the world and things which are despised, hath God chosen yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are.”

Brethren, have you heard the will of God? Do you think that when God elevates you to the highest position, He will ever take you higher than the one you find yourself? If a king wants his son to be king as well, where is he going to rule, what about the other subjects of the king, are they not capable of being kings? If the Son of a king is made a king, it is not new, nor is it a thing of wonderment, nor does it manifest the glory of God on earth. It is the same thing like one being born into a ruling family, and since the father was a ruler, it follows that the child will also be a ruler in his own time. Such enthronement therefore is no surprise to any person.

But when one is nothing, not easily recognised by people, but is lifted suddenly by God unto the throne it is a thing of wonder, and it is what gives glory to God. This is why God has said, “It will come to pass that He will choose the base things of this world, something which is despised, something which does not exist (From now on watch the trend of events in the world) to use in bringing glory to His name.” We have a Spiritual Chorus which consoles the afflicted that they should neither weep nor lament for the Saviour is not still on the way, but He is already in our midst. Read Also: Standing Order (Volume I)

The calibre of men whom God will elect to rule this world with Him will spell great wonderment to the people of the world. We have already started to see. It is thought that those who attempt to work for peaceful co-existance in the world, should be highly educated, should grow beards down to their knees, should become professors and gather many prominent people to themselves, but have they been able to execute such plans? But those who are nothing are rather selected by God to restore peace and stability to the world; but the people of the world would object to the selection of such calibre of persons to rule the world.

Think of Pharaoh, upon all his glory and highly esteemed position, God rather had to choose Joseph to manifest His glory. Remember also King Nebuchardnezzar, with all his glory and radiance, yet did God not choose a simple Daniel to manifest His glory? Do not be flabbergasted by the trend of events in the world because God has always appointed base things of the world, things which are despised to put to nought the mighty things of the world. If we were to read the Holy Scriptures between the lines, we would have cried and lamented. When you go back home read James 1:9-11 to appreciate why it is said let the brother of low degree rejoice in that he is exalted. Where will you down grade a person who is already in a lowly position to? To what position will you elevate any person who is already lifted high? If you were wise, you would observe the stages of a growing child who is born into the world, begins to grow according to a definite stage of development, and you cannot stop him from growing. When he grows to his predestined height, he will stop his growth, and will thereafter begin to grow down. Are you not surprised at the cycle of life, somebody who had once been seeing would no longer see again because he has lost his sense of sight; a person who has been hearing has now lost his sense of hearing, a person who has been walking cannot walk again. As you are growing up, at the end of your upward growth, you also have to grow downward gradually.

It is only Our Lord Jesus Christ who understands this, and that was why He said, “I go back to the Father, because I came from the Father.” Do you know that when somebody is born, he comes from God and when somebody begins to grow he grows up to God? Some times people believe blindly that a certain man comes from the hades or from the mermaid, this is erroneous, every person comes from God and we all go back to God.

When you say a person dies, nobody dies, what happens is that he goes back to God. Believe fervently that everything comes from God and everything returns to God. Whatever you see came from God and will not go to any other place but to God. That was why Saint Paul said, “For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart and to be with Christ which is far better. For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain, nevertheless to abide in the flesh is more needful for you.”


As you are here, you are with the Father, and when you depart, you will go no other place but to the Father. It is foolish to complain that somebody is dead and it is equally foolish to testify that somebody is born. God who created all of us used base things, things despised at and things which do not exist, just to bring to nought, those things that are mighty. Sometimes when somebody returns to his creator, you begin to cry and complain that because he is dead, there will be nobody to fill his position in the family. By this, you have forgotten that he may have left a small boy behind, his heir, to fulfill what he says, “And it shall come to pass that He will use the base things of this world to put to nought things which are mighty.”

Sometimes there may be something in the family or community which when the grown-ups do would not give glory to God, but after their demise, their small sons get it done and the name of God is magnified. Remember therefore that David wanted to build a Temple, but God objected to his plan, keeping it for his son. It was not because he was a murderer, but because God wanted to use the work of his son to manifest His Glory. It has always been the intention of God to use things which are base to despise, and put to nought things which are mighty.

I am in sympathy with those who are proud, pompous and arrogant. It is written in the Scriptures that God resists the proud, but exalts the humble. It is therefore advisable that you should not be proud, pompous, arrogant, and foul mouthy, because you can hardly know the will of God. It is the will of God to use base things to select things that are despised, to magnify his glory. Remember that if you hold yourself in a very high esteem, God cannot select you to fulfill his will. He says I am a jealous God. He will exalt you, and thereafter will bring you down so another person from a lowly position will replace you. The reason is to ensure that you are not unnecessarily proud. It is the height of foolishness for any person to say he is indispensable. As a point of information, God had already executed His plan and accomplished His will. He has already selected the instruments of His rule and kept them in order. His will is to use the base things of this world to put to nought the things which are mighty. If we were to regard ourselves as fools, by now God would have used us effectively for it is His will to use foolishness to nullify wisdom. But when one begins to show one’s pomposity and arrogance, professing that one is wise, that one is powerful, or that one is indispensable, then God will use a very lowly placed person to bring one to nought.


You have heard the story of how Pharaoh persecuted the Israelites. You have also heard of how Herod persecuted Our Lord Jesus Christ. Inspite of that, Our Lord Jesus Christ was still existing and the work of God is still progressing. When you observe carefully, you will begin to ask why the learned men, the fortunate and highly placed and the millionaires are unable to practise the word of God. The word of God will be better with millionaires and highly placed persons, kings, emperors and the traditional rulers, but God does not make it that way. He has gone to elect the poor, the needy and those who do not exist at all, to disgrace the high calibre of men in the world.

Go and ponder over this Gospel you who would want to become president or feel that a president is the be-all and end-all. You who feel that being a governor or prime minister is the end-all, read this. God uses the base things to bring to nought things that are highly esteemed among men. A great many of us indulge in politics, hoping that once we are there we will do many things for our families. God knows our individual thoughts. He knows all our thoughts are for nought. He knows why the world has rejected Him. The people of the world seek after self-glorification.

This is why He has said that he will use the base things of the world to bring to nought things that are highly regarded. That is why He says that all those who seek to save their lives will lose them. But those who lose their lives for His sake and for the sake of the gospel, will be saved.

Except Jehovah God builds a house, he labours in vain that builds it. Except Jehovah God watches over the city, the watchman labours in vain. Why then do you disturb about the things of this world? Why do you boast as if you created all that you have? If you had received these things, without knowing the source, from where they came, why then do you boast about them? Do you know how you came into this world? Do you know where you are now? Do you know where you are going to? Do you know what is on the other side of the world? Do you know what is on the other side of the world from whence you came? Why should you boast? Do you not see how man is so vulnerable? Do you see that the will of man is at variance with the will of God? Man thinks differently from what God thinks. This is why the Scriptures say, “Ye are they which justify yourselves before men, but God knoweth your hearts; for that which is highly esteemed among men is abominable at the sight of God.”


Did this not manifest itself between David and Goliath? But you have not learnt from such lessons. Did it not occur between David and Saul? At that time God had to choose the base things to disgrace the highly esteemed. Never say again that God is not in existance. Do not ever say that God cannot do this or that. You may ask why God allowed Our Lord Jesus Christ to be arrested and killed. Let me explain that He wanted to fool the wisdom of the world.

If He did not allow them to arrest and kill our Lord Jesus Christ, how then would His glory have been manifested in the world? He used Him to reveal His glory. Since He was killed and later resurrected, there had been a great deal of commotion in the world. When all hopes are gone the saviour appears. This is why when the people went to Our Lord Jesus Christ and told him that Lazarus, his friend is sick and is almost dead, he replied and said unto them that the sickness was not sickness unto death, but for the glorification of God’s name.

In like manner all the things we witness do not manifest in the way we should think of. Apart from this way it will be impossible for us to enter into this kingdom. All the happenings in the world are various ways through which God reveals His glory on earth. Do not sit down to make plans and arrangements, proposing to do this or that, because at the end, the will of God will have to prevail. Do not bother yourself about anything. Do not count yourself as having anything, because we are all the instruments for His work. He can cause Himself to exist and can cause Himself not to exist. What you have to go home with, is that, whatever position you find yourself, do not grumble, do not be pompous, do not be arrogant.

Do not ever think that a man has been so elevated in life and wonder what will ever bring him down. Before He elevated him, He had already provided a lowly person whom He will use in disgracing the elevated one. You should continue to humble yourself even when God raises you up, for this is why He says, that except we become like a small child, we cannot enter into the kingdom of God. The central problem of the entire world is that, once God has elevated somebody, no other person should be allowed to pass along the street. Brethren, I do not want to be tedious unto you, the Golden Text will now be read.

Golden Text: 1st Corinthians 4:7

“For who maketh thee to differ from another? and what hast thou that thou didst not receive, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not receive it?”

Brethren, you see up till now, man has not got this knowledge. This is why if God gives you money, you would not allow others to pass along the streets. Today if God gives you the chieftaincy of the world, you will not allow people their freedom any longer. If God gives you good health, you will fight anybody along the streets. Today God has given you children, and you would not allow the barren to breathe. You have forgotten so easily that hitherto, you had no child, no money and you were not known, but God gave you these things as He had promised to elevate the base things. He had lifted you up so why are you proud?

In the past, you rarely had a mat to sleep on. You were sleeping on the bare floor. You had no shoes, and took tea once a week, but life was still going on. After a while, and according to the will of God, you and your children are driving in cars, you are looking for storey buildings. Why are you without wisdom? Right now, there is nobody who has money and would still want to serve God. He would be parading himself as money magnate, a responsible and respected person, he would question why he should disgrace himself in such a manner, by putting off his shoes and sitting with children. Brethren, see what was read to you: what has thou that thou didst not receive it, and why doest thou glory as if thou hadst not received it?

Have you not heard the word of God which says that God has chosen the base things of the world and things which are despised, to bring to nought those things that are thought to be great. Pharaoh was so proud where is he today? Nebuchardnezzar was so proud and arrogant, where is he today? Herod was so proud and pompous, where is he today. The Roman empire was go great and powerful, where is it today? The British empire, Greece and many others were so proud and arrogant, where are they today? Look even here in Nigeria, when somebody is at the top, he does not care about those below him. If another person is elevated to that position, he will start behaving like his predecessor. God says He will resist the proud and give grace to the humble. God wants to use things which are not, things which are despised to disgrace the highly esteemed things of the world. This is why you are taught humility, that you should count everything as a loss.

If God raises you to a high position, always remember that you were on the ground, always imagine yourself on the ground. Remember that you were poor, remember that you were blind, remember that you were nothing, but God out of His merciful kindness, lifted you up to a high position, so that you begin to cater for the welfare of those under you. When He will elevate another person to the same position, he would also look after your welfare. This arrangement works in turns. When it is your time, you cater for the welfare of others, a time comes when others will cater for your welfare, and at another time another person will cater for you all.

It is quite clear that no condition is permanent, for you were born into this world empty; without wisdom or money. After some time you become wise and you acquire some money. At other times, hatred set in, sickness sets in, you become poor and weak. God creates every person and causes them to go round the circle of life. There is no difference between the Greeks and the Jews. Do not even create such division or discrimination, do not sow such seeds of discord, throw away such differences. Gather every person together because every person is one, Our Lord Jesus Christ is all and in all.

After God has elevated somebody, he will turn round to say it is because of his wisdom or educational attainments or through his own design, or making, or ability, or plan, that he has attained the position. When things will turn the other way round, what reason will he give? I am telling you individually that it is neither the result of your power of planning, nor your effort that you have been so elevated. It is God who has elevated you up to such a place according to His will to fulfill His promise of using things that are despised, to disgrace things that are highly esteemed. God gave you all the children, he has given you life, wisdom, and glory, therefore, there is nothing that is yours. We have to humble ourselves and become lowly before the Almighty God, giving Him His Glory.

I do disagree with anybody who creates class distinctions. There is nobody greater than the other. Be you a learned professor, a governor, a president, a millionaire, or whatever you may be, don’t discriminate for there is no stratification; no one person is better or greater than the other.

There is no difference between the black and the white; there is no difference between a man and a woman. All of us are equal. If you have been having the mind that the white man is more intelligent, discard such idea. God creates every person in the same way.

When you say somebody comes from a royal family, what then do you understand by the expression “Royal Family?” When you say somebody is from a poor family, what do you mean by the expression “Poor Family?” Do you want to tell me members of the royal family never get sick? Or members of a Royal family are never disgraced? Do members of a royal family live on earth forever? Do members of a royal family not get exasperated, or begrudge somebody, or tell lies? Or are they never beset with problems and difficulties?

Are members of a royal family not born of women? Does this not show that no one person is different from the other. If your pomposity is based on the fact that you are wealthy or that you are wealthy or that you own a costly car, or that you are a white man, you should know that TO HUMBLE ONESELF TO THE GROUND IS TO LIFT ONESELF UP. Do you know how you came into the world? Do you know how you have been able to live up till today? Do you know how you became a governor? Do you know how you became a prime minister? Do you know how to talk and convince so many people? There is nothing that we have done, and there is nothing that we know. The best thing is for us to keep quiet and observe how God is doing His things in the world. The greatest mistake that a man makes is to regard himself greater and better than others. You may be greater than the other because God has lifted you up today. What about the promise made to the lowly placed by God that at the fullness of time, He will use the base things to disgrace the highly esteemed. When they are lifted up what will you do?


This is the promise of God and in all things always, it is the will of God that prevails. Tell the rich and highly placed, the wise and the pompous, those who feel that they alone exist, that God says He chooses the base things, things that are despised, to reveal His glory. He does not use a highly placed thing to disgrace the highly placed, but the base things to disgrace the highly esteemed.

You who are swollen headed because of your children, you become rude and arrogant, you use your money to oppress others, have you heard what God has promised? He says He will choose the base things of this world to disgrace the highly placed. The word of God says the barren will be a mother of children and the mother of children will become barren.

Brethren I do not want to be tedious unto you, one stroke of the cane is sufficient to the wise, those who have ears to hear, let them hear. May God bless His Holy Words.

Thank You Father.


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