Dec Pentecostal Thanksgiving Service: Father Admonishes Brethren to Show Mercy to Transgressors

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Sins particularly lack of forgiveness to transgressors hinders one from receiving blessings from the Holy Father. These was the admonition handed down by the Holy Father in His Holiness Obu Olumba Obu to brethren at Ravine Pentecostal Centre, Uyo Sunday, 5th January 2020 on the occasion of the December 2019 thanksgiving service.

The text that constituted the day’s sermon was drawn from 1st lesson Matthew 5:7, 2nd lesson Matthew 18:35 and Golden Text James 2:13. Reference was made from the Holy book of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, OrokOtu Eyoyo with the theme ‘Mercy: The Source of Our Salvation’.

The Holy Father revealed that the problems and challenges facing man is caused by the unforgiven nature of man towards another, he queried how man expects to receive blessing from God when he has failed to be merciful to his offenders.

The Holy Father elaborated that if a child, adult, millionaire or any person no matter how highly placed he or she is in the society fails to forgive and show mercy to his offenders, such person should not expect God’s mercy, adding that such person is completely perished.”

Further, the Holy Father reeled out the benefits and good fruits accompanied with forgiveness and showing mercy to fellow brethren. He emphasized that all Brotherhood of the Cross and Star children should imbide and emulate the virtue of forgiveness and mercy as exemplified by the Holy Father Leader Olumba Olumba Obu.

The thanksgiving service was laced with song rendition, choruses from the Uyo Area choristers and the Holy Father lavished abundant blessings on His children.

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