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It was a celebration galore as choristers in all the nooks and crannies of the state gathered at Oron Township Bethel for her DECEMBER CHORAL FESTIVAL tagged ‘‘ORON 2016”. The entire Spring Road where the Bethel is situated was outshined with whites. The neighbors around where made to feel the impact that indeed the Father’s children are gathered to glorify the Most Holy One. This event was greeted with a short evening service by the Holy Father through His servant to round off the first part. Thereafter, the second part ushered in CRUSADERS FELLOWSHIP while the Holy Father blessed His children bountifully to wrap up the second session.

Finally, the third part featured the crux of the day which included;

ü  Quiz competition

ü  News bulletin

ü  Spiritual Choruses

ü  Paper presentation

ü  Singing exercise

However, the penultimate session was under the able chairmanship of the Pastor Attah Akpan, the international chairman of CNCF. He stepped into a foot that best fits him doing what he really loves doing.

After the chairman’s opening remark, Oron Area mass choir being the host Area, thrilled the audience with a scintillating welcome song. After which the State CNCF chairman, Pastor Emmanuel Umoh delivered his welcome address.

 Quiz competition saw eights areas participating viz; Uruan, Nsit Ubuim, Ikot Ekpene, Obot Akara, Okobo , Uyo, Oron , Ini.

After proper assessment and evaluation, the following choirs emerged in their ordinal order of performance.    Thus

  Obot Akara  –   1st

 Uyo              –      2nd

 Uruan       –        3rd


Oron          –         5th

Ikot Ekpene   –      6th

Okobo               –    7th

Nsit Ubium   –     8th

The most outstanding performance Obot Akara which happened to be the defending champions was awarded a trophy of excellence. And different prizes for all other participating choirs.

There was News bulletin which featured recent headlines of major events in the fold which was read in English Language and a typical “Oro” language.  The newscasters, Brother Mfrima Elijah and Brother Godwin Bassey trilled the excited audience who watched with keen interest and admiration.

There was a Paper Presentation on the Topic, ”QUASHING UNEMPLOYMENT AMONG BROTHERHOOD OF THE CROSS AND STAR YOUTHS” by Sister Enobong Samuel. It was indeed and educative session.

Finally, it was the singing extravaganza.

10 choirs participated, representing the under listed areas:

  1. Obot Akara Area Mass
  2. Oron Area Mass Choir
  3. Nsit Ubium  Area Mass Choir
  4. Mbo Area Mass Choir
  5. Ikot Ekpene  Area Mass Choir
  6. Uyo Area Mass Choir
  7. Ini Area Mass Choir
  8. Ikono Area Mass Choir
  9. Uruan Area Mass Choir
  10. Nsit Ibom Area Mass Choir

And these choirs merited the excellence award in a competitive choral exercise as follows;

Area Position
Oron 1st
Uyo 2nd
Ikono 3rd
Nsit Ubium 4th
Obot Akara 5th
Ikot Ekpene 6th
Uruan 7th
Ini 8th
Mbo 9th
Nsit Ibom 10th

Most spectacular about the day was the distribution of gifts to all choristers in attendance. The night was in conformity with what David had admonished us as recorded in Psalm 96 vs 1 “O sing unto the Lord a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth”

After exhausting the programme of event for the day, The Holy Father bountifully blessed his children the world over and a sumptuous feast was served.

                                   Thank you Father.

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Comments (2)

Bro Destiny

Good Work, But Don’t Forget That You Can’t See The Father Without The Son, So Recognise The Son And Be Saved. Finally, Don’t Forget That The Father Is Not To Judge Any One But Has Handed Over All Judgement To The Son. Let He Who Have Ears Hear What The Holy Spirit Says To The Church.

Sis. Rose

Bro. Destiny what is your own, can’t you appreciate the work of the Holy Father Leader Olumba Olumba Obu?.
Please let us give thanks and praises to the Holy Father Leader Olumba Olumba Obu alone for He is worthy of all praises and thanks.
If there’s any misunderstanding please let it be outside the website.


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